Old photo restoration using Photoshop- basic things you need to know

Photoshop is not meant only to craft some goofy images; a lot more is there. It can be used for old photo restoration and this tool can be highly effective if used properly. There are a lot of tools that helps in refining the snaps taken or restoring the damaged ones but PS has always remained a favorite for professional companies indulged in the task.

photo restoration
Photo restoration using photoshop

Restoring damaged or old images in PS is easier and let us see how the claim is justified

Faded images

Start with the Gray-scale feature; this highlights your snap. After that inflate the levels. For bringing up shadows if you need, dragging black arrow from left will do. Bringing up the highlights is facilitated by dragging white arrow from right.

Filling the holes

Pictures may get splintered, the emulsion may crack off and a lot of tampering may happen. Using the clone tool, all these problems can be eliminated. Firstly you should choose the brush tool and work at nearly 95 percent at about 300 zoom. Select an appropriate area on the image that you can consider as a source and then paint the holes with that source.


You can easily color those discolored old images. For removing the stains or adding colors, color feature is the choice you have to make for old photo repair.  Just pick the color feature and select the needed color from pallet given. However, chances are least that you will get exactly the color you need. Use value selector to get the precise color.

Damaged image restoration in Photoshop is a skill that you should master or else the desired results may not be obtained. The best thing you can otherwise do is to hire any of the professional companies offering photo restoration services. There are many but be sure to select the most proven people who will help you to cherish those old memories with perfectly restored images.