Healthcare domain is continuously flourishing but the competition too has increased significantly. Experts rightly believe that quality of customer service provided is crucial in determining the success of any healthcare organization. People are getting great class of customer support from all other industries to which they associate with and hence it is obvious that they involuntarily expect the same level of customer service from healthcare industry as well. Therefore healthcare call center providers have to meet these expectations when the people get in touch with them for medical assistance.

With extensive experience, we provide superior quality, cost-effective and completely customized healthcare customer service solutions to cater the needs of customers from varied verticals across the globe. By associating with us, you can gain the reputation of a medical organization that really cares about its patients.

Healthcare Call Center Services

Medical call center

Medical Answering Services that we provide for

Our expertise in the niche of medical call center operations can be leveraged by:

  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • payers, distributors & administrators
  • Pharmacies
  • Home Health nursing
  • Medical device manufacturing companies
  • Government organizations

Advantages of Outsourcing Healthcare Call Center Requirements to Us

  • High quality and constructive customer interactions

    The way you communicate with your customers (here patients) matters the most in ensuring a great customer experience.  We train the professional call center executives associated with us in regard of your brand values as well as the uniqueness of your organization. Through all means of communication, we make the interactions reflect your brand values and echo the care you have towards the patients. To everyone, let it be a patient or even his distant relative, we interact with empathy, warmth and courtesy.

  • Security of data is ensured

    We make sure that entire data that we deal with are kept private, secure and completely confidential. Health information, contact details and everything related to the organization as well as patients are encapsulated and access is guaranteed to only those directly involved in serving customers.

  • Multi-channel and multilingual customer service is provided

    The preference of customers may vary based with their geographical locations, age, personality traits and many other factors. There are a lot of channels via which customers would like to interact and we are adept in all that. Let it be verbal interaction via phone or written communication via live chat, emails or SMS, we have mastered all these medical support assistance techniques.  We have different language speaking experts to ensure apex quality multilingual support for healthcare sector.

  • Customer service insights are collected

    We make use of various call center metrics and several reports for gauging the relevant insights associated with your communication and customer satisfaction   plans. This can help in framing more customized experiences for specific target groups. Key performance indicators like first call resolution, rate of abandoned calls and average call handling time etc. give you an exact idea regarding the effectiveness of processes you are following. This in turn gives thus furnishing you with a chance to carry out the needed tweaking and enhancements.

  • Rapid inquiry redressal is facilitated

    Swift response is inevitable in healthcare domain and this matters a lot in case of first interaction as well. Our experts are acquainted with all knacks needed to deal with complete customer interactions in an accurate, time-efficient and streamlined manner while offering healthcare contact center solutions for hospitals so that their staff can stay free and focus completely on critical tasks.

    In case if you encounter a sudden rush of more customer calls or queries, we are fortified enough to scale up and cater to the sudden spikes. Also, with us you don’t have to seek any support from other medical call center service providers as we offer complete and all-inclusive services. This avoids you the discomfort of managing multi-vendors.

  • We make use of most advanced technologies

    WinBizSolutionsIndia is equipped with most sophisticated technologies to ensure that entire procedures are seamlessly optimized. We employ technologies having facilities for Reporting Engine, Automatic Call Distributor, Voice Logger, IVR and Dialer that ensures excellent quality call center outsourcing services.

  • 24x7x365 medical answering support

    Our medical call center agents are available round the clock to give timely responses irrespective of the place and time difference.

With our highly reliable and scalable services, you can receive a maximum level of satisfaction regarding your needs. Hence, contact us to discuss more of our healthcare call center services.

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