Real estate industry depends on round the clock interaction between companies, agents and customers. WinBizSolutionsIndia provides seamless real estate call center services to enhance your property business.

Real estate companies need to keep in touch with their customers all the time. On the other hand, potential clients might be willing to get in touch with you for leasing, renting, buying or selling properties. A steadfast communication system helps to broaden your customer base and it’s something you can’t ignore.

We have made an impressive profile of a real estate telemarketing provider, with years of experience in the international business circuit. Both large companies and start-ups outsource their call center services to us. Our customer-centric approach and quality of services draws the line of distinction between our competitors and us. We are equipped with the latest technology & infrastructure. The trained personnel with us are specialized in handling customers excellently and thus providing telemarketing for real estate agents. WinBizSolutionsIndia can empower your company with a professional image, optimize the property management, save expenditures on buying internal resources and improve the reputation of your realty business.

How can you benefit from our real estate answering service?

Customers and companies in the real estate sector need to communicate 24/7, throughout the year. Our multi-channel customer support provides you with a technically refined platform to connect to your customers. Technology keeps on evolving, and we incorporate the latest ones to leverage the quality of our services.

All the necessary features to enhance the connectivity infrastructure in your organization are present with us. These include voice over, IVR, dialler, auto-call distributor, reporting engine and other technical specifications.

We have the best infrastructure to immediately receive all inbound calls through our dedicated best answering services for real estate investor and call back the clients in case any call is not received. While making outbound calls, our executives optimize the efficiency of services.

Real estate call center services from WBS includes

Our established brand image owes to the commitment and hard work we have exhibited over the years. We customize the real estate cold calling services for our customers, as per their needs. You can count on us for the following services

  • Voice calls, both inbound and outbound
  • Email management
  • Live chat
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer care
  • Sales support
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Lead generation
  • Answering services for customer’s queries after hours

We have supported real estate firms, contractors, brokers, property developers, builders, realtors and other allied companies in the industry over the years. Whether you deal with residential or commercial real estate business, we have the right solution for you with us.

What sets us apart in the Real Estate Call Center industry?

There are a lot of real estate inbound and outbound  call center services providers. Still, we have carved out a niche for ourselves in this competitive domain due to the following reasons


The market is competitive and the image of a company rests on professional dealing with the calls. You cannot afford the calls to go unattended. We have the infrastructure to cater to companies with thousands of clients. Skilled personnel are entrusted to attend the calls in our multi-channel support. We ensure that all the calls are responded and our clients never miss business opportunities when they rely on us.

Data security

We incorporate the necessary protection to keep your data secure against theft, leakage or cyber-attacks. You need not worry about your data security when you bank on us. The concern of data security is a key reason why companies hesitate to outsource their property management answering services. We deal with the information of our clients professionally and allow no scope of misuse of information.


The real estate outbound call center services from us not only take care of the existing customers. They focus on increasing your business through sales. It is necessary to provide your customers with the necessary product details that enable them to make the right purchase decisions. Our outbound personnel reach out to your potential customers in a professional manner and inform them about different properties available in the market that suit their budget. They also keep the customers updated with the changes in property prices that they are willing to buy. This leverages the process of lead generation and conversion, besides enhancing your brand image.


When you seek call center outsourcing services from WinBizSolutionsIndia, you will come across different price slabs. We tailor the services according to your needs and resources. Our competitive pricing policy is beneficial for our clients. Moreover, we scale the services as per the requirement of our clients. From technology to manpower, we can scale every resource up and down, as and when you need. You will always find our rates reasonable and get consistent support from our executives.

If you are looking forward to explore the unconquered avenues ahead of you, simply give our call center company a knock. We ensure call quality and monitor the performance of our executives on a regular basis. Our client base is rapidly expanding; you too can be a part of it and enjoy our dedicated real estate call center services.

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