Do you want to take your fashion image retouching skills to the next level? Start by fixing all these common retouching mistakes. It is essential to master retouching techniques as simple-looking images can become a disaster if they go through lousy retouching.

Fashion retouching mistakes to avoid
  1. Extreme Retouching is Harmful

    This is the most common mistake committed by fashion retouchers. When we think of fashion photos, what comes to our mind is utmost perfection and beauty. Newbies usually tend to make this mistake and excessively use all the available tools and techniques.

    It’s recommended to retouch the images with a perfect vision and make sure you do not remove the details. Details are vital aspects of making your pictures appealing. You have to retain the beauty spots, face freckles, apparel wrinkles, etc. Retouching should be carried out to the entire photo and should not only be done.

  2. Over Retouching of Eyes

    Iris brightening and sclera whitening can help draw the viewer’s attention. This also can improve the connection between the viewers and the fashion image.

    However, as it’s said, overdoing anything can be harmful. This over brightening of the eyes can sometimes your photo distracting and unrealistic.

  3. Removing Under Eye-bags

    Under-eye bags should be removed but with a proper understanding of anatomy. Eye bags are below the lower eyelid. It depends upon factors including age, stress level, and night sleep.

    Minimizing these under-eye bags help improve your image but do not entirely remove those eyelids. It will make your photo look unnatural.

  4. Over Sculpting

    Distracting your viewers with too much makeup can lead to an unnatural look. Sculpting your image with more dodge and burn can harm your image. The bone structure of your image and alterations made in them can entirely change the image’s appearance.

    Proper sculpting can increase the depth and create a flattering 3D look. However, too much can make the subject look unrealistic.

  5. Teeth Whitening

    The most crucial aspect that can quickly go wrong while retouching. White teeth help in making the models look pleasant. Teeth are subject to power and light direction, and they have their natural texture.

  6. Excessive Sharpness

    Sharpening tools should be used wisely as many artists make the massive mistake of oversharpening the image. It is a handy and helpful tool that can make your images look three-dimensional. However, your subject will look horrible if you try oversharpening. So keep calm and make it look perfect with a bit of clarity. This mistake might lead to an unrealistic appeal to your eyes.

  7. Skin Blurring

    Control yourself from the skin blurring of your image. Different magazines and publishers always reject blurred photos. Gaussian blur tools do not help yield the desired effects. Make sure your image looks realistic and generates interest for the viewers. Use your skills most appropriately. Facial hair, moles, and freckles can be eliminated with blurring tools. If viewers cannot easily focus on the model, it will be rejected by the client. The dodge and burn technique can enhance your model’s skin. This will be a time-consuming technique however will help in creating beautiful outputs. Your task will get easier with knowledge and practice. So keep practicing.

  8. Smoothening Should Not Be Overdone

    The texture, color, and feel of your subject’s skin should not be lost while editing. Images can be done accurately with suitable tools to give your model a realistic feel. Attention to detail should be the most important thing to be considered. You intend to eliminate blemishes and get smooth skin for your model. You should ensure to preserve the natural beauty while carrying out the enhancements. Identity gets respected, and you should not edit any bone structure, natural facial features, or completion of the model’s skin. So try to keep it simple.

  9. Balancing Colors

    Lack of color saturation and contrasting color can instantly dull your fashion image. The photo retoucher should use his skills to balance the colors in the image to make it stunning.

    Color balancing can be defined as the representation of colors. Improper balancing of colors can add distractions and change the intended feel and the mood of the image. Professional glamor photo editing is a delicate blend of green and blue hues and warm tones. Ensure that you do not over-touch the image and make it unrealistic. Different techniques can be applied with perfect tools and start editing. Too many vibrant colors affect the overall appearance of the fashion image.


Retouchers should have their own workflows to make the image more professional. If you are a newbie, it’s suggested that you try and test different methods to suit the retouching workflow and your requirements. Go through various video tutorials available to learn more about tools. Make a habit of learning from your mistakes.

To enhance the look and feel of your pictures, you should have a better understanding of the photo editing software. If you do not want to try it yourself, we suggest reaching out to an expert image retouching company for retouching support.

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