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Tips for making an eBook for tablets

Digitization has highly impacted the reading habits of populaces worldwide. Today, eBooks are used mainly for product manuals, user guides, digital learning and like. A king part of the readers prefer e-readers including tablets. Let us see certain tips that should be kept in mind while creating eBooks for tablets.

  • Make use of more visuals

    This is one of the basic tips for making an eBook for tablets.  Readers have now become more aligned towards visuals. This must be taken into consideration so that a good reading experience is ensured on tablets. Lesser words would be appreciated and reducing paper size in the Word file can help in involuntarily cutting down the text.

  • Assure text visibility

    It is palpable that the screen size of tablet is much smaller when compared to a desktop’s monitor. You have to make sure that the electronic Book text is clear and easily readable. This is important to avail best reading experience on e-readers including tablets. It is advisable to keep the font size 16px minimum and line height at least 1.5 while performing eBook conversion.

  • Keep in mind both landscape and portrait views

    Tablets are used to access electronic Books in both landscape and portrait models. Unfortunately, many developers overlook this fact when they develop eBooks for tablets. Thus, reading experience is adversely impacted. It is imperative to design your electronic Book keeping in mind the comfort of target readers. They should be able to read the book in the view they prefer.

  • Scaled vectors graphics should be used as icons

    Icons should appear in a clear manner while creating digital content. The pixel densities and resolution for tablets are not the same as that of desktops or laptops. It is recommended to make use of SVGs as icons as this sees to it that the icons don’t appear blurred or fuzzy.

    In short, use SVGs as icons, make the books more visual, easily readable and suitable for portrait and landscape views.  EBooks can be created in varied formats for tablets. Some of them are EPUB and PDF etc. Also several tools like Flipbook Maker are there that create eBooks which are friendlier to the tablet and interesting as well.

Seeking assistance from any of the expert eBook conversion companies is always a better choice to make. Rely on our expertise and we will assure that your requirements are met and expectations are exceeded.