Every designer wishes to choose the best graphic design software for their work. These programs often come with a number of tools and features that can help produce outstanding 3D designs. However, not everyone has the budget to afford it.

Besides, if you’re a beginner who has just started learning graphic designing, going for the paid option only to practice doesn’t seem feasible. In that case, you can choose free tools.

There are several free graphic design software available in the industry. These are great for practicing and improving your skills before you start using advanced or paid software programs.

So, in this article, we’re going to offer you a quick brief on 10 of the best free graphic design software list. However, before we start, let’s understand what graphic design is.

graphic design software

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art of employing visual content to communicate a message. So, basically, the work of a graphic designer is to use visual hierarchy and page layout techniques to display the typography and images in the form of interactive designs.

Graphic design has now become one of the most effective tools for business marketing and promotion. With the appropriate use of typography, pictures, and color, graphic designers tend to attract more viewers, which further results in sales.

Best Free Graphic Design Software

The graphic design programs we are about to discuss are free to use but do have the potential to create the best works when used properly.

  1. Vectr

    Platform Compatibility:Web, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

    Best for:Live collaboration

    Whether you need to create simple or complex graphic designs, you can use this software. It is easy to use and will allow you to connect with professional developers. So, contact them any time you want and find the solution to your problems.


    • Easy to use interface
    • Availability in cross-platform and browser versions
    • WordPress Integration
    • Easy sharing of projects
    • Real-time exporting of files


    • None
  2. Inkscape

    Platform Compatibility:Mac, Windows, Linux

    Best for:Vector graphics

    This Inkscape software is sometimes referred to as a free analog of Adobe Illustrator. However, the major difference between the two is that it uses SVG file format. If you’re familiar with vector graphics, then mastering this vector graphic software will be super easy.


    • Wide range of filter options available
    • Offers educational content
    • Effect tools are available


    • Large projects run very slow
  3. Gravit Designer

    Platform Compatibility:Chrome OS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web

    Best for:Beginners in graphic designing

    Gravit designer software possesses both the features of Vectr and Inkscape. You may say that on the intuitive part, it is more like Inkscape, and on the functional part, it is like Vectr. It supports various formats like PDF, SVG, EPS, JPEG, etc.


    • Browser and cross-platform version availability
    • User interface is intuitive
    • A large library of vector assets


    • Likely to become paid in the future
    • Doesn’t have additional functions
  4. GIMP

    Platform Compatibility:Mac, Windows, Linux

    Best for:Raster graphics editing

    GIMP is best for photo editing, creating paintings, or mock-ups. It works on all major operating systems and has an interface similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. It also allows easy saving and exporting of files.


    • User interface is modern
    • Easy to use software
    • Single window usage


    • Contains a few bugs
  5. Canva

    Platform Compatibility:iOS, Android, Web

    Best for:Social media graphics

    Canva is one of the most popular graphic design software having more than 10 million users. It provides a drag and drop feature, which is why it is considered to be beginner-friendly. It is great for creating blog infographics, presentations, or email headers.


    • Easy to use interface
    • Compatibility with any computer or device
    • Offers various templates to choose from


    • Likely to become paid in the future
    • Doesn’t have additional functions
  6. Krita

    Platform Compatibility:Mac, Windows, Linux

    Best for:drawing

    Krita is an open-source tool which is widely employed by concept artists and illustrators. The ready-made templates available here are great for developing art for comic books. It offers a wide range of drawing tools, such as smooth shapes, layer masks, vanishing points, and more.


    • Bright and interesting UI
    • Offers basic and advanced methods
    • Easy to use
    • Offers various graphic illustrations and examples


    • Requires more memory space
    • Offers only text tools
  7. Easelly

    Platform Compatibility:Web

    Best for:Automatic infographics creation

    Easelly is mainly used for creating infographics. So, if you are new to designing and creating infographics, you may find it a little difficult to use. It is available in both free and paid versions. However, if you wish to use additional elements, you need to pay a small fee.


    • Easy and instant uploading of sites to a social network, computer, or website
    • Online diagram creation
    • Additional functions can be used by paying $3 a month


    • Not suitable for advanced users
    • Doesn’t have an auto-save feature
  8. Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphic design software used by millions of artists. It is the best graphic design software to create banners, websites, posters, logos, and more. This software helps define the size of your canvas, create custom brushes, isolate elements, and do a lot more with Adobe Photoshop. Let it be a minor edit or any sophisticated design; Adobe Photoshop has tools for every requirement.

  9. Adobe Illustrator

    Centered around vector design, Adobe Illustrator can help you create artwork, posters, icons, etc. The designs created in Adobe Illustrator can be used in Billboards or business cards from smartphones to giant screens. Drawing, mixing, and refining designs can be done with this software. The mobile version of Adobe Illustrator has been named Adobe Illustrator Draw and is one of the best graphic design apps available. The fonts in Adobe Illustrator can be manipulated according to the requirements. This software provides professionally designed templates to save time for beginners.

  10. Design Wizard

    Design Wizard is a unique online graphic design software priced based on its increasing features. Millions of curated images with 15000+ templates are helpful in creating the best designs according to your requirement. It can be integrated with Marketo, Hubspot, and Buffer.

  11. Affinity Designer

    TheAffinity Designer is one of the cheaper alternatives to Adobe illustrator suitable for a newbie. Works smoothly to improve your workflow and helps you express your creativity. With Affinity Designer moving and zooming your artwork is easily possible, and it also helps in changing the gradients and effects. This graphic design software makes working on both the raster and vector workspaces easier. It works on any device and is suitable for creating unlimited artboards within it. A wide range of toolsets makes this software outstanding in achieving high levels of productivity and accuracy.

  12. Genially

    An all-in-one tool helpful in creating interactive and animated designs. Genially is a graphic design software with thousands of templates to choose from. It helps create infographics, posters, social media content, interactive images, client pitches, and more. There is no limit on the number of creations with Genially software. There are thousands of visuals to choose from within this graphic design software. Add animations and make every element interactive with Genially. It also gives you the option to insert media within your creations.

  13. PixTeller

    PixTeller is an easy-to-use editor and a valuable tool in creating graphic images and animations. This software can be used to make images, animated gifs, and videos for business and personal use. An individual with no technical or Design knowledge can use this software easily. Creating graphics is a time-consuming process, but your work gets much easier with this software.

  14. Adobe InDesign

    The following software by Adobe useful in creating designs is Adobe Indesign. It is a graphic design software primarily used in the publishing industry. With Adobe Indesign, you can design magazines, books, posters, PDFs, brochures, and much more. The panel of properties in Adobe Indesign gives more intuitive control over the tools. Adjust layout is the best option provided by InDesign, which helps in changing the text color and the graphics of your documents accordingly. Having a low learning curve, this software is beneficial for beginners to learn this software quickly.

  15. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

    Earlier built only for Windows OS and now made available for Mac, CorelDRAW can be used to create professional vector illustrations. To convert sketching into precise vector curves, CorelDRAW now uses AI technology. To help you work faster, there are powerful design tools and numerous customization options. Photo-Paint and Corel Font Manager is available for font management and photo editing. This Software suite supports over 100 file formats. It also includes web graphic tools and presets, which help create web content.

  16. Xara Designer Pro X

    Built for vectors and bitmaps, Xara Designer Pro X can handle desktop publishing, illustration, photo editing, etc. Hundreds of template layouts, millions of archive photos, and fabulous design elements make this graphic design helpful software. Tools like gradients and outlines help you give your artwork a special touch. The software transparency makes it more reliable software.

  17. Visme

    Visme is an online design tool that goes beyond basic design capabilities. You will not need to learn any complex software anymore to begin your design career. An easy drag-and-drop editor lets both individuals and businesses create interactive visual content. This software gives you hundreds of templates to choose from across 40+categories. There are numerous animated graphics, icons, videos, photos available with Visme which helps in customizing these templates. With this most innovative graphic design software, publishing projects online and sharing them with a live URL is also possible. WIth advanced animations and interactivity features in Visme, bring your content to life.


Select the right one which suits your design requirements. Businesses need outstanding graphic designing services to boost their designs. If you are a graphic designer, put your best foot forward by understanding and trying this software. The software helps users in expressing their creativity. Hope this article helps you in choosing the right one for your designs.