ebook development tips

Tips for eBook development

Owing to the rapid boom of digitization, eBooks have emerged to be the most preferred source for information exchange and reading. As authors as well as publishers want their work to be displayed worldwide, understanding the process of eBook creation is important. More important is to be acquainted with effective eBook development tips. Let us have a look on some of the most relevant ones.

If you are looking to handle the job yourself, then you should use sophisticated software applications to accomplish your goals and these are the features that you should look for in your EBook conversion software:

Diverse Input and Output Formats

Go for a software application that would allow you to upload files in any format and to get outputs in your preferred formats. Some of these widely used file formats are HTML, Adobe InDesign, XML, txt, and AZW. Make sure that the software that you choose allows you to get your file converted into the ePub format. This is mainly because of the fact that the ePub format is the most popular format that is widely used and is compatible with major E-readers. In other words, the software should support ePub conversion. By getting your file converted into diverse formats, you can allow your readers to access your content through diverse devices and platforms such as Barnes & Noble Nook, tablets, Amazon Kindle, smartphones, Apple iPad, and tablets.

Fixed as well as Reflowable Layouts

Ebooks come with reflowable and fixed layouts. You should go for an appropriate layout depending on your content. As a matter of fact, fixed layout is ideal for Ebooks that contain graphics and illustrations while reflowable layout is a perfect option for text-rich Ebooks. Fixed layout formatting is commonly found in recipe books, kids’ picture books, and coffee table books. Ebooks for K-12 and higher education students feature numerous tables, charts, and graphs and so you may want to make sure that your chosen software gives you the option to create fixed as well as reflowable layouts.

Software Upgrades

You should ideally go for software that can be updated at regular intervals so that your process and workflow become efficient day by day. Software companies usually release updated versions after certain time periods and every version comes with upgraded features that you may want to use optimally. If you are looking to purchase a program, software upgrades may matter a lot to you. Your software may either get updated automatically or you may need to download the latest version manually and get your software re-installed.

Addition of Interactive Elements

Ebooks are interactive and this is what makes Ebooks a better option than their printed counterparts. Most common Ebooks come with special features such as pan, zoom, and bookmark. You would find enhanced features such as page jump, hyperlinks, table of content creation, text search, font and size change, read aloud, and day and night reading mode in certain advanced software programs. You should opt for software that would feature a large number of interactive features.

Capability to Support Multimedia Elements

You can make Ebooks more engaging by incorporating several interactive multimedia elements in them. The different types of multimedia files may appear in the form of 3D animation, videos, images, and audio files. Check if your chosen software would support multimedia files of diverse formats. Check if you can upload images in JPEG as well as PNG formats. You may upload audios, videos, and images with compatible file formats accordingly.

Without expertise, attempting it yourself may turn out to be a big blunder

With many free software programs available all over the web, it’s tempting for most of the people to try eBook development and ePub conversion without seeking professional service providers. The results can be severely damaging. When it comes to eBook development, experts indulged in the same are fortified with all needed technologies and they keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in the niche. Not only that mastering skills will take time, but achieving perfection that a professional would have achieved is least feasible. So, it’s always advisable to outsource the task to experts and concentrate on your actual fortes.

Before selecting a eBook conversion service provider, scrutinize carefully

In case if you have made up your mind to contract out the task, act wisely. Don’t simply leap and sign the deal with any random companies who claim to be the best one offering digitization services. Analyse their terms and conditions, reputation in the market, experience and customer support assurance etc. Ask them for their samples and if possible get in touch with their previous customers. You should ask for free trials and assure that they avail quickest turnaround time and unfailingly meet deadlines every time a task is outsourced to them, especially if you are looking for long term business relationships.

Selecting the right Ebook conversion service provider is vital to ensuring the success of your project. Here’s a checklist of what you should take into account while choosing the right partner for your Ebook conversion project:

  • Would your chosen service provider allow for customization options?
  • Does the company provide manual conversion?
  • Does your shortlisted service provider have strong data security infrastructure in place?
  • Does the company have adequate bandwidth to support the processing of large volumes of data?
  • Have you checked some of their work samples? How you would rate them?

The education industry has been looking out for high-quality E-learning content ever since the use of Ebooks for teaching K-12 and higher education learners became a norm. Interestingly, it’s not just the quality of the Ebook content which matters, but how that content is presented plays a key role in shaping the overall learning experience.

With the advent of sophisticated software applications, it has become possible for even individual authors to self-publish their work. However, if you need to work with huge volumes of data, then you should hand over the Ebook conversion task to seasoned professionals who specialize in this domain and can deliver superior quality outcomes. There are certain Ebook conversion companies that offer related services such as Ebook creation and distribution under one umbrella.

Before you finalize a partner, you should consider certain parameters and perform analyses and comparisons so that you can identify the service provider that would fulfill your specific requirements. Begin by finding out what is included in the package.

These are what you should look for in your process to identify the right partner for your requirement:

Personalized Outcomes

What elements are you looking to integrate in your Ebook? Check if the company that you are looking to do business with is using appropriate software that can support your requirements. Find out if the company has the capability to add customized features in your Ebook as per your requirements. If the service provider does not have the specialized skills or the bandwidth to support your unique requirements, you may consider looking out for some more options.

Manual Ebook Conversion

If you have written a book in the traditional pen-paper way, you should look for a service provider that can offer manual assistance to convert your manuscript into a professional Ebook. Manual typing is definitely a tedious task and not many companies would have the required resources to deal with this task. So you should check with your chosen service provider if it can convert your manuscript into a digital document through manual typing.

Data Security

Your service provider should have robust and modern data security measures in place and should be competent enough to safeguard all your documents and confidential information. It should guarantee copyright protection so that your manuscript remains accessible only to authorized users.

Data Conversion in Huge Volumes

The Ebook conversion company that you select should be able to deliver superior quality digital manuscripts irrespective of the volume of the data that they would need to handle. Make sure that your chosen service provider has the required infrastructure and resources to support the conversion of huge volumes of data and can scale up or down depending on the requirement.

Review Work Samples

Before you sign up with a particular company, you should review some of its work samples. You may ask the company to send you work samples of previously completed works so that you can get an idea of the overall work quality that you can expect from them. If you feel that the company would be able to meet your expectations, you may confidently sign up for their service.

Quality is a pivotal factor

You are the person who knows the best about your content. No matter how much efficient your E-publishing service provider is, put some effort and invest a few hours for testing content accessibility on various devices. See to it that the conversion process is undertaken properly without any flaw or hassle. Readers these days, expect two things from eBooks- compatibility with all available eBook readers as well as engaging, pleasant and rich reading experience. You have to cater to these demands to be successful in the market.

Get an eBook conversion service provider who is ready for revisions

Even after you have paid for the services provided and you detect errors that you can’t fix, communicate with the company that offered you eBook creation services. Ask them to carry out a detailed diagnostic check for getting complete insights and for rectifying the issues.

You need Ebook conversion services whether you are a self-published author or you are running a small or large publishing house. When you delegate your Ebook conversion task to a professional company, you can relax knowing that the company would use the best Ebook conversion software and would have the best professionals who can deliver high-quality outcomes. You may even be able to find a company that would provide you with an all-inclusive Ebook conversion support, from conversion to publishing.

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