E-commerce is the major player in changing the customers’ buying patterns, and now the world has shifted to ‘Online Purchasing. Here, the product images do the job of satisfying and compelling customers to make a buying.

But, what if the pictures that have a significant role in getting the customers’ attention are not up to the mark?

Your company requires eCommerce image editing professionals who can revive your product images to make them look more natural as if your customer is looking at your product in real life.

WinBizSolutionsIndia is a world-class and innovative e-commerce product photo retouching service provider with a decade of industrial presence and a strong customer service profile. We are serving our clients with the best product image retouching services.

From the basic editing and clean-up of the product images to the most advanced retouching and image refinings like creating ghost mannequins for apparel and others, we provide 360-degree support to our clients and the most professional product images as the output.

Product Photo Editing & Retouching Services at WinBizSolutionsIndia

  • Image Cropping & Resizing

    First and foremost, it is pretty essential to resize your product images in the dimensions required by the platforms where your product is going to be displayed, it is mandatory to have the correct dimensions of the product images, and it is always good to follow the rules when you are listed on a particular platform.

    Similarly, image cropping is also necessary to remove all the unwanted objects or negative spaces from the product images to keep the focus on the product. These are the basics of product photo editing. With the help of our product photo editors, we deliver the most satisfying and professional-looking product images that will get your listing more eyes.

  • Background Removal/White Background

    Many eCommerce platforms like Amazon have a policy of using white backgrounds for product images. Image background removal is a common practice now to use white or no experience while displaying a product to keep the focus on the development.

    This is why every online seller is using this way to make their listings more attractive and professional-looking at the same time.

    With the help of our modern tools and technology, we remove the cluttered or dull backgrounds from the product image and add white locations on demand from our clients.

  • Product Image Editing & Retouching

    Moving on from the basics to the next level of product photo editing, we also provide 360-degree solutions to enhance the look and feel of your product images, from removing unwanted shadows, and fixing lightning issues, to editing blurry and poor-looking photos that will help you in boosting your sales. After all, everyone wants to see a pleasant and natural-looking product image before purchasing.

  • Natural Shadows for Professional Touch

    We create a clear perspective, increase the depth of the design, and showcase consistency by placing shadows that look so natural as if they are the real ones. It helps enhance the look and feel of the products and gives a professional touch to them. This is an essential element while fixing the product images, as, without this, the product image editing work looks incomplete.

  • Simple to Multi-Clipping Path Processes

    We have a team of subject matter experts who use their skills to provide the best image clipping outputs. We have worked on various product images and provided the best solutions to them in handling simple, complex, and then super complex image clipping tasks given by our clients effortlessly.

  • Apparel Photo Editing Services

    Getting everything from a photo-shoot you desire for your apparel is practically impossible because the camera has its limitations. It can’t remove wrinkles caused by pinning the cloth, and it can’t control the bad lighting or reflection of particular objects.

    Hence, the need for apparel photo editing emerges where the work is done, keeping in mind the aesthetics and how apparel should look. We provide the best-in-class services and enhance your apparel images to make them look attractive and beautifully presented.

    We even focus on small details like removing the lint, unwanted fabric, and other issues that are hindering your product’s beauty.

  • Hollowman or Ghost Mannequin Services

    Have you ever seen a product hanging on a mannequin, but it is not visible in the product image? Well, that’s the magic of ghost mannequin service. In this process, the form is removed from the image so that all you focus is on the visible product.

    During this process, our editors combine various images of the product where a replica is wearing the garment, and with the help of our state-of-the-art tools, we remove it from the final output to make the product look flawless.

    This process is done only to help you visualize how it will look when you put it on.

  • Recoloring or Color Correction

    This process is not limited to improving how your product image will look, fixing the brightness or the contrast. But, it also covers the various elements with the help of which the product can easily blend with the background and the aesthetics.

    In this process, our editors use an apt color palette that will balance out the colors of your product with the background or the props in the picture to give a seamless result and attractive approach.

    Talking about the recoloring service, it helps make various variations of one product that can be used as per the requirement on different platforms eradicating the efforts of different product photo shoots.

  • Image Compositing Services  

    This service has its uniqueness and is used when a particular product requires the next level of presentation. In this process, our editors bring out and combine various images to make one perfect-looking image that speaks out loud of your brand and your high-end products.

  •  360 Degree Product Animation

    This is the most common process followed by many industries where everything depends on the presentation of the product and the detailing that is visible in the image itself.

    This is the latest fad where a customer can view a product from a 360-degree angle to get the right idea about what they are investing in

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Benefits of Choosing Our Product Photo Retouching Services

  • Get the Access to a High-End Technology
  • Professionals Catering to Your Business Needs
  • Affordable & Customized Pricing
  • Round the Clock Availability & Support
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • 8+ Years of Industry Experience

WinBizSolutionsIndia is leading the way in providing complete customer satisfaction with our high-end photo editing and retouching services to various industry verticals.

A top product photo retouching company, we have a strong back of numerous clients who put their trust in us and reach out to us whenever they require our photo retouching services.

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