Globalization has enabled modern businesses to reap the benefits of business process outsourcing. Why do companies choose to outsource work? The answer is simple- outsourcing provides awesome benefits. The manifold benefits of outsourcing manifest in the form of cost savings, access to expertise, risk mitigation, etc.

reasons to outsource services

There are several other reasons why businesses should consider outsourcing some of their key processes to other service providers that specialize in delivering exceptional support in the domains that they cater to. If you are running a business and wondering if outsourcing should be included in your growth strategy, then this article would help you make an informed decision.

This article discusses the top reasons why you should consider outsourcing some of your business requirements/ projects to a third-party service provider while also allowing you to weigh the benefits against the pitfalls and understand if outsourcing is a beneficial option for you.

Top Reasons Why You May Consider Outsourcing as A Profitable Investment

  • Cost Savings

    Companies that provide outsourcing services offer low rates, thereby allowing companies to generate high returns on their investments. Access to specialists who can complete your tasks at low labor rates would help you boost your profit margins significantly.

  • Better Focus on Critical Activities

    When you outsource some of your repetitive or mundane processes to a service provider, you can focus on core business tasks and in implementing business strategies at a broader level.

  • Access to Advanced Infrastructure

    By outsourcing your business processes or projects to an offshore service provider, you will be able to get access to the global knowledge base and make an optimal use of world-class infrastructure deployed by your service provider.

  • Better Use of Internal Resources

    By allocating some of your operations to a service provider, you will be able to allocate some other important work to your internal staff and make a holistic use of your internal resources in a more targeted manner.

  • Easy Access to Additional Resources

    If you are dealing with a resource crunch issue, you may choose to engage an outsourced team to get your tasks completed.

  • Risk Mitigation

    With outsourcing, you can get better risk management support. If you are looking to launch a new product in a new market, having offshore staff would help you in terms of delivering effective, customer service and personalized marketing campaigns. You can easily address the demands of new customers in a new market.

  • Entry into New Markets

    If you are looking to serve customers in diverse geographies with a more customized approach, then outsourcing would benefit you a lot. You can benefit from cost savings by moving your manufacturing and delivery units closer to your customers.

  • Flexibility

    Emergency situations may demand you to downsize or expand your operations immediately. However, downsizing involves layoffs and today’s labor laws may involve considerable drawback. Expansion, on the other hand, is not easy because you need knowledgeable and experienced resources to accomplish your goals. But with outsourcing, you can easily increase or decrease resources without having to bear additional charges.

  • Efficiency

    If you are looking to appoint specialists to build a department, you can consider hiring outsourced staff. This would help you avoid the effort and the time that you may need to put to train new staff or to find new resources as well.

  • Assurance

    You will get peace of mind while doing business with an outsourcing service provider. When you would sign a contractual service agreement, you can just relax knowing that your investments are protected. With legal contracts in place, you can even make your outsourced staff feel accountable to deliver high-quality outcomes.

  • Better Service

    Outsourced staff are usually trained to deliver exceptional services and they specialize in executing certain tasks. So you can expect a high standard of service from them. You can confidently outsource IT, finance, and HR operations to an external agency that employs resources who have the required qualifications and experiences to handle these functions.

  • Lower Regulatory Charges

    You can benefit from lower offshore regulatory charges. This is especially true if you outsource your requirements to businesses in developing countries such as India, Taiwan, Philippines, etc. You may not need to bear costs associated with programs such as Medicare, social security, or unemployment and this would translate into significant cost savings for you.

Now that you have known the reasons for outsourcing, are you ready to outsource your requirements to an offshore service provider? Well, we would encourage you to take a look at the drawbacks of outsourcing before making any decision. We want you to have more information so that you know what you can expect from outsourcing. Here are a few drawbacks of outsourcing, that you may want to know about:

  1. Lack of Control

    You will be working with an offshore team, which means that you will have a lesser degree of control compared to what you may have if you work with an on-site team.

  2. Communication Problems

    Time zone differences with your service provider may create communication issues. Your outsourced team should ideally work within your business hours. You should also choose your communication methods wisely so that you can maintain seamless contact with your outsourced team. You should also ensure that your chosen service provider deploys modern communication technologies to make outsourcing work.

  3. Quality Issues

    You need to make sure that you hire the right service provider that can guarantee the delivery of high-quality outcomes. It is a good idea to set clear expectations about what you expect from your service provider in terms of quality. A free trial and a look at their sample portfolio would help you get an idea about the quality that you can expect.

  4. Adverse Impact on Company Culture

    When you outsource certain functions to a service provider, your in-house staff may feel discouraged. They may feel that you don’t value their contributions and abilities. This may jeopardize your daily workflow. This may not be a big issue if you take some time to discuss this with your employees and assure them that outsourcing would not replace them in any way.

What services can you outsource to an external agency?

Well, you can outsource many requirements to a third-party service provider. For example, you can trust an outsourcing company to deliver diverse support including graphic design services, call center services, accounting & bookkeeping support, travel booking, appointment scheduling, calendar management, 3D designing services, web designing, mobile app development, photo editing services, etc. You can even outsource your manufacturing operations to businesses in other countries that provide cheap labor and facility rentals.

You need to note that you can reap the benefits of business process outsourcing only if you choose a top outsourcing company that can guarantee the delivery of world-class services. You should get in touch with several outsourcing agents in order to understand the standard of business outsourcing support that you can get from them. Check how quickly they are addressing your queries. This would give you an idea about the quality of support that you can expect from them.

So now, what is your opinion about outsourcing? Are you ready to explore it? Well, we would await your response. We want you to take enough time and do your own research before you chalk out a new model of operations. Outsourcing would bring significant benefits to you only if you know how to harness its true potential in the best possible way. Do let us know what you think about outsourcing; we would be happy to hear from you.

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