reflowable vs fixed layout eBooks

Reflowable ePub vs. Fixed layout ePub

Move according to the trail

EBooks use a method called flowable text which allows readers to adjust the text in real time. It adapts to a number of specifications like mobile and PC devices without much fuss. This format is ideal for book reading but its downside is that there is no set pagination for an eBook of standard nature. The number of words displayed can change according to a user’s preference. Therefore the number of pages may go up to about 20 percent. Companies that provide this type of eBook conversion service inspects the content to be converted and then choose a format accordingly.

Advantages of fixed layout Format

It is better not to have flowable text during some special cases. It works in the case of illustration fed books or one with many photos. In that case, it is beneficial. Design elements will have a fixed position and they will not move resulting in a common view for all readers irrespective of their devices. Complete control over the book is furnished in case of fixed layout. Therefore it is easier for the designer. Font embedding and visual element setting is easier. But on the flip side, readers will lose an amount of control that they had previously. Now the only function that is supported is zooming and it is helpful to an extent only.

Reflowable ePub ( Standard layout)

A standard layout is admissible if you have a book with more text. If there are fewer images then it is wise to use standard format which gives the reader more control over what he reads. Since fixed layouts decrease a book’s readability it is better to use standard layout if you want to have maximum coverage.  If images are tightly integrated in between with text then go with this format. Columns and use of set colors also persuade designers to opt for this format as the beauty of the book stays more revealed. Fixed layout eBook conversion is relatively easier due to the simplicity of processes involved.

What is required for designing a perfect eBook layout is a bit of planning and mind’s eye. Best eBook conversion companies stick to the customer’s interest and are adept to choose an appropriate layout for them. They offer standard as well as fixed layout ePub conversion services with utmost perfection.