Advantages of XML file format

Advantage of XML format

In the previous post regarding the upsides of using XML format for managing your information, we discussed features like inexpensiveness, scalability, sustainability and transferability.

Another main reason why XML conversion services are preferred more is the level of security it offers.

Document level security

You can easily implement security by incorporating meta-data to Extensible Markup Language files. Else you can also prefer using data from Active Directory or any other central security systems. Besides, it is possible to define the users, important users as well as groups as you prefer from network security. Above all you can even get security rights for a vast variety of functions like making, removing and forming indexes as well as managing, erasing and unifying documents.

Now do you think that XML file conversion is always the best solution? If so, it’s a mere misconception; there are exceptions. It may not serve the purpose when the system you have is based on transaction of else if you have data or a part of it that gets changed regularly by large number of users. Here, it is better to include features such as record locking and roll back of transactions for which the database is ideal.  You may also divide the data into a static and dynamic part. The former part can be stored in XML and the latter one must be stored in a normal traditional database.

However in most other cases, preferring XML data conversion services can bring you great favours. Even organizations like NARA and other reputed archives have consistent long term preservation on the Extensible Markup Language schemes.

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