Ever since eBooks started overpowering traditional books, publishers across the world have been trying to deliver great quality experience for the readers. In addition to the elevated comfort level for readers, storage, mobility and ease to access were the main benefits of electronic versions.

However mere digitization can’t garner desired results. It is understandable that the level of interactivity the book has with the audience only determines its favoritism and preference. Earlier many worthy books were unable to prove their real potential owing to the shortage of interactivity.

But nowadays books have a lot of interactive features. Numerous dedicated apps are there in which they appear. You can easily read them in web using numerous cloud readers enjoying the services from Amazon, Overdrive and Kobo. Also they can be downloaded as apps from Google Play, Apple and Sony etc.

Interactive eBook conversion


Interactive eBooks with HTML5 CSS3 avail great engaging experience. There are certain basic components in interactive eBook apps and an efficient service provider considers them with utmost significance.

  • Normal Book Reader:Allows readers to see and read the text on devices with characteristic reader functionality of electronic books.
  • Multimedia content: Audios, videos, graphics and info-graphics etc that complements the eBook content.
  • Social reading: Allows the reader to share quotations, effect outputs and other activities directly via app.
  • Research facility: Allows readers to search directly through Wikipedia and Google etc.
  • Interaction with authors: Readers can interact with authors via author’s page or through community.
  • Updates: Author can timely update the book through app and this can be a good selling point.

A plethora of companies offering interactive eBook conversion services are there in the market. By creating interactive eBook apps, especially for self-help and management books, publishers can deliver inventive and fascinating experience for the target readers thus increasing the sales potential of their books.