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Before wondering about the best eBook format for Kindle, it is imperative to the scrutiny of the different kindle ebook formats available. Though there are many, two formats are really popular and it is on these that most publishers focus.

The first one is ePub which is being used by Google, iBooks, KoboBooks, B&N as well as Sony. Another one is in fact a highly preferred file format of Kindle.

  • ePub format

    Best Kindle ebook format- epub or Mobi? This has always been a matter of discussions and debates on digital stages. When you go through the web, a lot of claims can be seen. Some say that an ePub Conversion can be best for Kindle. Others claim that Word is the best format for Kindle eBooks. Amazon sells files mainly in MOBI format. Now let us see what format is normally used by Kindle.

  • AZW & AZW 3 formats

    In various forums, you can see some self-proclaimed digital publishing experts referring to AZW and AZW3 formats. AZW is the format that the Amazon store dispenses; it is the final and actual Kindle format that is encrypted. You can’t make this format by yourself.

    If you hire any digital conversion experts to do the same and eventually succeed, still it is not possible to upload it. AZW3 on the other hand outdoes KF8 with Calibre, a free library software. This format too can’t be uploaded to KDP. The format can serve the purpose of your personal use but it doesn’t allow publishing.

  • Mobi format

    MOBI file is in fact complex and inside it, there is an entire replica of the actual source of the final MOBI file built. Therefore, when a Word document is uploaded, the whole copy of it will be there in the Amazon servers storing the final MOBI file. There is a “KF7” MOBI and this makes the files readable on all older devices of Kindle. Another format KF8 MOBI works on almost all advanced devices and hence it is preferred the most.

Top eBook File Formats

  1. PDF

    Although PDF is not the right format to be uploaded on Kindle, it is also one of the best eBook formats for Kindle. PDF files, by design, have a fixed layout. This means that the fonts and images in an eBook version of the file are on their own, without any context about where they’re supposed to go. This paints a tidy PDF into a messy Kindle format.

    PDFs also tend to be much larger than eBooks due to the formatting information that is hardcoded into them, which isn’t used for anything else in an eBook. When it is converted into an eBook, the results are quite incorrigible. The text within a PDF will take up all available horizontal (or vertical) space on the page – not leave margins or guidelines for the reader and may take all text on some pages together with it. Overall, the content in PDF format is difficult to read on a small screen and poses very little interactivity.

  2. RTF

    RTF is the same as DOC/DOCX, but it’s a much better option than DOC/DOCX. There are no header styles with RTF, and the formatting rules are very basic (for example, all text in bold will appear as red on the Kindle).

    There were some Kindle file formatting exceptions made for headings and bulleted lists, but they are not elaborate enough to present a beautiful paragraph of text like in a DOC/DOCX file when formatted correctly with style sheets and fonts embedded. One thing to remember is that the Kindle previewer does not support RTF files. This means that you won’t be able to preview an RTF book before publishing.

  3. TXT Format

    People say that ePub conversion is the best eBook format for Kindle. On the other hand, the TXT format works best when it’s used for personal reading purposes. It is plain text, which means each line of the document begins with a specific letter or number in capitalization. They don’t have fixed layouts or digital rights management (DRM) protection inside.

    With no DRM protections in place, you can freely read eBooks on an Amazon Kindle reading app or a Nook reading app where the publisher has enabled interoperability with TXT Format. Overall, it is great for ebooks filled with texts because images and graphs are not supported.

  4. PRC Format

    PRC file is the standard file in another eBook format for the Kindle family. It’s also equivalent to MOBI and is meant as an independent e-book standard capable of representing illustrations, charts, images, and other document features on a single platform. It is usually optimized for showcasing 3D data and supports PDF documentation workflows. You can easily embed it. PDF files as well.

  5. KPF

    KPF stands for “Kindle Create Publishable Format” – the new format for delivering eBook files. KPF is another tool to leverage to add a reflowable file. This is the best eBook format for Kindle if you are into writing a cooking recipe or a big novel.

    KPF uses DOC or DOCX or PDF files to export their eBook directly into KDP. If you are publishing a non-graphic novel, such as a text like an essay, use the DOC file. Your DOCX file can come out as a reflowable text. If your file is a graphic novel, comic book, or other low-complexity illustrated text, use the PDF. Once you have authored a PDF, it can be converted to Print Replica as well.

  6. HTML

    HTML is the simplest and generally most accessible markup language. However, since many people are unfamiliar with it, some features have been incorporated into HTML to make it more intuitive for users who aren’t programmers.

    You can refine your format, and layout and then create an HTML folder that contains HTML manuscript files with images. Next, it is necessary to compress it into ZIP files prior to uploading it on KDP. If you are not familiar with using HTML tags, don’t proceed with using HTML files. You can contact a professional eBook conversion and formatting services provider to work on the HTML data conversion.

  7. MS Word

    Most MS Word DOC/DOCX files work well as eBooks. Some formatting may be lost or changed, but it is relatively simple to reformat the document into a more Kindle-friendly format for editing as necessary. It is ideal to use a kindle previewer to see if it is converted properly.

    Although most authors start with a Word or DOCX format, it is important to consider a kindle -friendly format before publishing the book. There are many companies offering ePub conversion services to authors and publishing houses. You can choose a reputed service provider like WinBizSolutionsIndia to jump through a lot of eBook formatting hoops. Contact us for more information on professional eBook conversion and formatting services.

EPub can be used for the process of Kindle file formatting. When you upload ePub to KDP, a MOBI file will be created automatically. However, if you want to use a MOBI file for the purpose of Kindle, an eBook should not be simply used as it is. You must do tweaks in instructions as well as inside comments and revise the contents before finalizing the MOBI file.

Which format is better for Kindle: EPUB, PDF, or MOBI?

Marketplaces like Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble support different file formats and have specific requirements for authors. Besides, eBooks must look extremely professional across all platforms, viz., Kindles, iPads, Onyx, Nooks, smartphones, etc.

EPUB, MOBI, and PDF are the three most common and widely used formats. But which one allows the most hassle-free publishing and gives the best viewing experience? The below quick pointers can help you make the best pick.

Best format to download eBooks: EPUB
Best for reading on Kindle: MOBI
Best for printing: PDF

How to Choose the Correct Ebook Format

Finding difficulty in choosing the correct format for your eBook? That’s a crucial step in publishing an eBook that cannot be avoided.

Let’s make it simple for you!

Start considering these tips for better results.

  1. Who is your target audience? Where will the distribution of your eBook be done?

    EBooks are sold directly on the author’s website or through major online retailers. Deciding where to sell your eBook has more to do with your audience.

    • If you are looking to reach a broad audience or plan to publish the eBook for self-publication purposes, then an online retailer like Amazon is the best one for you.
    • If your eBook is marketing collateral, you can directly link it to your website with a landing page and start promoting it.

    That’s why it is necessary to consider who you are trying to distribute to before determining where to distribute. Use either the MOBI, AZW3 or AZW format if you decide to sell it on Amazon’s Kindle store. To sell on other retailers, including Nook, Apple, or Kobo, you can choose the appropriate format. Reflowable EPUB, a PDF, A fixed-layout EPUB, or a MOBI is recommended for promoting and selling it on your website.

  2. What all will be included in your eBook? Will there be images/ animations/text…etc)

    TXT or PDFs are the best if your eBook has heavy text and no visuals. But if your eBook has lots of graphics and interactivity, please do not go with a format that will reflow. In that case, go ahead with PDF or a fixed layout EPUB. The EPUB version is the best if you emphasize versatility as it’s compatible with almost all devices. EPUB files need to be converted into MOBI or AZW to help it work on Kindle.

    To easily convert files from EPUB to MOBI format, use the free online file converter like DocPal.

    Below is a guide that can help you choose the right format specific to your device and the recommended file type.

    • PC or Mac — EPUB or PDF
    • iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch — EPUB or PDF
    • Kindle and Kindle Fire — MOBI or PDF
    • Android — EPUB
    • NOOK, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablet — EPUB
    • Sony Reader and Other eReaders — EPUB

    These questions help you narrow down the file types based on your needs.
    If you are clear with all these questions and their answers, you will get a better idea of the suitable format to choose for your eBook.

File formats that you can upload to KDF are .DOC, DOCX, .TXT, HTML and PDF files. PDF format is least recommended as the results are really poor and visually unpleasing. The best option for you is to convert pdf to ePub or a tailored MOBI file apt for your book.

WinBizSolutionsIndia is a professional ebook conversion and formatting services provider that avails you of all types of conversion and eBook formatting services. Whether it’s for Kindle or any other reader, experts here can assure you the best possible results for all your requirements. For further details about our kindle conversion services, contact us.

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