Before wondering about the best eBook format for Kindle, it is imperative to have a scrutiny of different kindle ebooknformats available. Though there are many, two formats are really popular and it is on these that most publishers focus.

The first one is ePub that is being used by Google, iBooks, KoboBooks, B&N as well as Sony. Another one is in fact a highly preferred file format of Kindle.

  • ePub format

    Best Kindle ebook format- epub or mobi? This has always been a matter of discussions and debates on digital stages. When you go through the web, a lot of claims can be seen. Some say that an ePub can be put on Kindle. Other claim that Word is the best format for Kindle eBook. Amazon sells files mainly in MOBI format. Now let us see what format is normally used by Kindle.

  • AZW & AZW 3 formats

    In various forums, you can see some self-proclaimed digital publishing experts referring to AZW and AZW3 formats. AZW is the format that Amazon store dispenses; it is the final and actual Kindle format that is encrypted. You can’t make this format by yourself. If you hire any experts to do the same and eventually succeed, still it is not possible to upload it.  AZW3 on the other hand outdoes KF8 with Calibre, a free library software.  This format too can’t be uploaded to KDP. The format can serve the purpose of your personal use but it doesn’t allow publishing.

  • Mobi format

    MOBI file is in fact complex and inside it there is an entire replica of the actual source of final MOBI file built. Therefore, when a Word document is uploaded, the whole copy of it will be there in the Amazon servers storing final MOBI file. There is “KF7” MOBI and this make the files readable on all older devices of Kindle. Another format KF8 MOBI works on almost all advanced devices and hence it is preferred the most.

EPub can be used for the process of Kindle file formatting. When you upload ePub to KDP, a MOBI file will be created automatically. However if you want to use MOBI file for the purpose of Kindle, an eBook should not be simply used as it is. You must do tweaks in instructions as well as inside comments and revise the contents before finalizing the MOBI file.

File formats that you can upload to KDF are .DOC, DOCX, .TXT, HTML and PDF files. PDF format is least recommended as the results are really poor and visually unpleasing. The best option for you is to convert pdf to ePub or a tailored MOBI file apt for your book.

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