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There are many advantages of FOP. Its ability for converting XML data to PDF format reports with help of a formatting tree tops the list. Businesses in need of safe document dispersal, maintenance, archiving and access can find it helpful. Also those in need to protect their intellectual property in authentic original format can also contract out their requirements to a professional company having expertise in the same. Beneficiaries may include publishing houses, educational institutes, libraries, real estate companies and numerous other domains like engineering, construction and architecture etc.

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Innumerable methods exist by which you can convert XML to PDF Documents. This is also hugely in demand as PDF or portable document format is properly supported, most suited and appropriately documented cross platform tool to perfectly publish documents. Also data from PDF to XML conversion can be obtained as CD Rom, email or FTP etc.

Transformation of paper documents into various intelligent documents format takes time and effort. Even after scanning followed by OCR, manual keying as well as clean-up has to be done. Then only, flawless electronic documents that are error-free can be obtained.

An XML Conversion Company normally specializes in PDF conversion as well.  They also offer digitization of paper documents as well as adaptation of graphic formats to PDFs. In addition to the said, they will be proficient in form process and image extraction from different image formats.

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