Graphic Designing Case Studies

Graphic designing is not just about creativity and artistic aptitudes. Strategies also matter a lot as the designs should be in line with its purpose and also synch well with the nature and feel of the concerned brand.  Our graphic designers are innately innovative people guided by creative strategists we house. Over the years, we have designed countless logos, business cards, brochures, profiles and in fact every imaginable type of marketing and branding material.

The successful accomplishment of a myriad of graphic designing projects bear testimony to the expertise and vision we possess. See the tip of iceberg here!

Magazine designing – case study

The client wanted to have his highly anglicized magazine redesigned to appeal to the senses of Indian audiences. The initial work pertained to designing of the magazine cover in an aesthetically soothing manner with strong Indian values evident. It had to be engaging as well as eloquent.

Logo Designing – case Study

The process of logo design is never a walk in the park. It needs severe brain storming and a plethora of factors are to be taken into consideration. Finishing a logo within 48 hours and as per the specific demands of client initially seemed to be an impenetrable task.

Animation service – case study

As a part of its expansion, the client needed animation services from us to showcase his offerings to employers and jobseekers in a more innovative and understandable way. After considering many options, the company selected as owing to our track record of excellence in offering animation related services.

3d character animation – case study

The client was seeking an experienced 3D animation agency that can craft top-notch, precise facial expressions for a plethora of characters which appear in their game. They needed to get the expressions for several emotions based on how humans act, react and behave in similar situations.

2D animation service – case study

This is a case study about a client based on UK, who approached WinBizSolutions with 2d animation projects outsourcing. The experts working with the company collaborated well with the client to deliver the project in just 48 hours.

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