Children’s Book Illustrations Services- typical steps

Instilling reading habit in children from the starting itself is crucial for their character formation and personality development. However, normal books seldom inspire or interest them. On the other hand, books with colorful images and illustrations along with texts grabs their attention and retains it. This is the reason why children’s book illustrations services are regularly hired.

Every author is distinct in his approaches. Some, simply create their story and submit the write-up to an illustration company. Others try their hand with drawing representative images as well.

Children's book illustration techniques
Process of children’s book illustrations

The basic steps involved in the process remain the same whether an author do by himself or outsources.

Story board creation

Get your story board first. Doing so will help you understand how the finished work will look. You may draw on a white board or a simple paper, based on what makes you comfortable and creative. Lay out the pages, jot down the text and start penciling.

Deciding the page size

Determine the size of page. It is smaller or something of large scale? The importance of resolving it is vital owing to the fact that only by knowing it you can decide the number of pictures and their size that needs to be included. Refer books that are similar to the one you are planning in regard of style and size.

Create a sample

After deciding page size and layout, companies offering illustration services, create a mock-up. This doesn’t means the whole thing has to be done. You simply have to put together all the pages based on the style and size you need. This will provide you an exact idea about the appearance of final product.

Add variations

Even when you outsource to the best company offering book illustration services, they leave some pages purely with text. Every page need not have pictures or illustrations. Variations are always a visual grace. Sometimes if you have a page with full image, it is fine to make the following page completely text oriented. Adding surprise elements in between in the form of creative variations helps you to retain attention of the readers.

Rework until perfection is achieved

Reaching excellence or immaculateness takes time. In the process of illustrating, reworking may be needed ‘n’ number of times.  Have the patience to keep doing the right things to get outputs that you are ultimately satisfied with.

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