• Are you looking to outsource video editing?
  • On the lookout for hiring a new video editor for your business?

In either of these cases, what would bother you the most?

What would you be worried about for your business?

Read on to find out….

The process of video post-production might seem very daunting to you if you do not do it the right way. Hiring a video editor is relatively more complicated as you know there is a pool of opportunities available and which one to choose.

Concerns of hiring a new video editor

We have detailed some of the significant concerns that we have encountered throughout our video editing journey.

  1. How will you ensure data safety?

    Your data is secured with us, no matter what. While that being said, we adhere to the data confidentiality agreement to strengthen the security and privacy of the footage you share with us. Many brands have worked with us, and we have never violated the security norms in the contract. Our successful and happy clientele is proof of that.

  2. Should you choose an international or local professional video editing company?

    Well, this is a fundamental concern regarding what we have found out! Of course, local video editors near your location will be available to help you, or you can communicate with them directly and go onsite to get the comfort of working closely with them. But you may be prone to compromising on quality most of the time.

    But working with a professional company, even if it’s international, you get the best and highest-quality output and great exposure, from which you can benefit. Moreover, it allows you to work with global experts, making your brand even more collaborative and well-known with the classy outputs that meet your demands.

  3. How can outsourcing video editing be cost-effective compared to in-house?

    When you think of in-house, you need to find the right editors. Then what about the setup for working? You have to bear the cost of the systems and other amenities that would be required. On top of everything, you have to afford their monthly expenses, salaries, and much more.

    You need to partner with the best and most reliable video editing agency and keep it running. This will allow them to manage the in-house editors, expenses, and more. Conversely, the simplest method of outsourcing your video editing needs will save you a lot of time and money.

  4. Why not a freelance video editor?

    Freelancing is fine, but how do you get the guarantee of getting the best quality output? And also a sneak peek in terms of the iterations? Freelancers charge based on two bases: hourly or fixed. So it would not be easy to brainstorm the requirements and get an output that goes well with your thoughts.

  5. How important is the portfolio while hiring a video editor?

    What kind of videos you have enhanced to create the best versions of them are listed in your portfolio. Strong portfolio support will be used to properly illustrate the professional video editing ability.

  6. What factors should you consider while hiring a video editor for your business?

    A lot of factors, in fact!

    • It should align with your brand requirements
    • You need to analyze the results of the previous clients
    • Decide on the cost factors and the turnaround time.
  7. What happens if you do not receive the required result?

    It rarely happens. In case it happens, you can discuss the iterations and get the desired output you need. Our expert team of editors will ensure you get the best results with quality output.

  8. What is the least turnaround time that you can promise?

    The TAT for every project depends on the complexities. Turnaround time is one of the significant concerns that may affect you. However, with our expert video editors, you can relax and foresee good results within a faster TAT.

  9. A big concern about the quality of the output!

    While you have to share the video footage with your outsourcing partner and ask for a sample edit, this may help you with effective decision-making.

  10. How to initiate the data sharing with you?

    No worries. We strive to make it easy for you. If you are concerned about doing that, sign the data confidentiality papers, and then you can share the raw footage. While sharing the data, you can either do it with a direct upload on your website FTP or even share the link to Google Drive or WeTransfer.

To conclude it this way

While there are many significant needs for videos in your business, it is pretty essential that you can outsource the requirements to your video editing partner. We always focus on delivering the best solutions to our clients. Of course, there might be a lot of concerns that you might be facing while thinking about outsourcing. But in a nutshell, it is always good to outsource your video post-production requirements when looking for expert support.

Finding the right video editing company will help your business run more smoothly.

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