Graphic Illustration trends of 2018 you would like to know

illustration trends 2018

Digital illustration trends keep on changing, with innovation and creativity driving the art. Here, you will come to know about the important illustration trends of 2018. As graphic design has become an integral part of the marketing mechanism of business firms, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. The illustrators come up with their own styles of art. However, certain important trends have shown up in the industry, and you need to master the same to enhance your digital images.

Check out the current vector illustration trends that will dominate digital illustrations in various industries.

Interplay of colors

The right interplay of colors has always been an important aspect in digital illustrations. Presently, the use of playful colours in these illustrations has increased significantly. This has resulted in the illustrations becoming more vibrant. The boldness of colors has been gaining prominence for quite some time now. Digital illustrators are using these colors to make the images stand apart from the others. Colour plays an important role in visual language. The right choice of the color shade and intensity largely influences the looks of the image.

Previously, graphic artists did not use colors that are too bold to attract people. However, trends are changing and the use of bold colors has become a part of the illustration styles 2018. These colors are being used in both pattern collages and individually. The color shades are likely to become bolder and more saturated in the years to come. Colour intensity itself is likely to become a concept. Fashion prints and illustrations will contain colors that pop up altogether.

Female empowerment through illustrations

One of the important digital illustration styles of 2018 is the integration of the concept of female empowerment in the art. Several digital artists have specialized in developing illustrations that depict female empowerment. The illustrators are keen to express their perspectives with respect to female empowerment through their drawings. A significant number of female empowerment themes have become prominent in recent years. This trend is likely to continue in the months to come. More themes based on this subject are likely to come up.

Digital illustrations based on female empowerment carry certain physical traits, like rounded features, extended limbs, body hair and so on. These concepts challenge the pre-existing concepts of the society, particularly the assumptions that have been imposed on the women. Certain illustrators are striving to normalize the concepts of sexuality of women.

Apart from individual illustrators, online communities are also coming up with digital illustrations based on female empowerment. Artists, cartoonists and illustrators coming together in these communities, that can help them express their ideas and skills across the globe.

Surrealism and absurdity

The concept of surrealism is gradually showing up in digital illustrations. The artists are developing these illustrations, considering that anything good or bad can happen in the surroundings. The element of absurdity is creeping into the themes of contemporary illustrations. Certain strange illustration styles are becoming evident over the years. As a result, many decorative concepts are now being visible in the drawings. The leading digital illustrators are coming up with new concepts that are subversive and futuristic.

Concepts based on sci-fi are also making their way into contemporary digital illustration trends. In fact, this is one of the fastest emerging digital illustration trends in the current market. The digital artists have different approaches towards drawing these illustrations. Certain artworks are hilarious, while others are jagged and the characters are dysmorphic.

Alienation and anxiety

With digital artists striving to make the artworks realistic, dominant human feelings are finding their place in contemporary digital illustrations. Alienation and anxiety are increasing among people across the globe because of various reasons. These are being reflected in the images and other artwork of these designers. From politics to culture and society, elements from all these spheres of human life have made a strong presence in the contemporary illustrations. The illustrators are portraying the common sensation of insecurity over the world in these images. Concepts like nuclear war, instability in global politics and other aspects that lead to anxiety and crisis are certain areas that the illustrators focus on. Evidently, these have turned out to be leading digital illustration trends in the contemporary world.

Graphic artists from different countries are focusing on elements that lead to alienation and stress, like fear, stress, delusion and so on. These are being presented in dark, monochromatic scenes. Often, these illustrations look disturbing and ominous. The illustrators have also developed digital drawings based on psychological issues of people, that arise from alienation and anxiety.

Retro images of the 1990’s

The old and enriched retro images of the 1990’s have turned out to be one of the popular digital illustration styles in the contemporary industry. The illustrators experiment with various colour effects and tones in these images. With retro images becoming popular for commercial purposes, business firms seek illustration services from the experts. The retro images carry a nostalgia, that can quickly make its impact among the viewers. These images can instantly click and do its work for marketing and advertisement. One of the dominant features of these illustrations has been the use of solid colors and clear lines in the images. Contemporary graphic artists are also developing illustrations based on the pop culture of the 1990’s. The cartoons developed during this period were known for the use of vibrant colors, and presently, several illustrations are being developed, based on these themes.

The Japanese style of illustration

Japanese art has been popular across the globe due to its distinct features. The Japanese culture has inspired several artworks. Contemporary digital illustrators are focusing on drawings based on the amine-style art or Ukiyo-e art. Besides, several artworks have been developed, with themes based on Japanese cities and their fashions. The Japanese culture is enriched and inspires the artists to develop illustrations based on those concepts. In case you need a dedicated support from professionals for digital drawings, you can reach out to a reputed Illustration company for these services. The Japanese influence has shaped digital illustrations of the modern day to a great extent.

Blending digital and hand-drawn styles

With the advent of sophisticated smartphones and other mobile devices, digital artists are nurturing their creativity to develop new concepts of illustrations. A blend of digital and hand-drawn style has been in the trend for quite some time. This has turned out to be one of the most powerful illustration trends of 2018. These illustrations are also being used in commercial purposes. People are keen to develop sketches in quick time through these new techniques. The designers have been coming up with illustrative letterings and types. The blend of paper-drawn artwork and vector artwork is a positive development in the world of designing.

With new trends in digital illustrations fast making its impact in the advertisement industry, business firms are collaborating with reputed illustrating companies. Integrating sophisticated digital illustrations in your commercials can leverage your marketing strategy.