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Winbizsolutions provides stunning covers for your books. Our professional and experienced artists provide graphics which are perfect combination of concepts, images and typography. Covers should do justice to quality of content within. Creative cover designs are very significant these days and hence it makes more sense to offshore these creative jobs to places where the availability of skilled resources is high and pricing is cost effective.

It should serve as no surprise that lots of global companies outsource magazine cover design services to India as well as other types cover designing requirements.

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Importance of great quality covers design

There are countless reasons for considering eBook cover design with huge reverence. Some of the main reasons for the said are underlying

  • People have a tendency to judge the value of book via their ers.
  • Surveys reveal that people have an inclination towards buying books with great designs.
  • Poor design drive away professional reviewers from reviewing your book.
  • Physical shops may not take or even display books having designs that look amateurish.
  • To win awards, if you have any plans, poorly designed books can’t be afforded.
  • It is the most effective tool that in fact markets your book.

Why outsource creative cover design services to WinBizSolutions?

  • We are capable to guarantee perfect solutions for your diverse requirements.
  • We have designed creative covers for wrappers, ebook, album, STM books, CD/DVD, journals, magazine and other categories.
  • The designers with us are proficient in using all advanced tools and technologies.
  • We have different teams of graphic design artists and hence you will get multiple variations to select from.
  • The book cover design and eBook cover design done are assured compatibility on multiple devices.
  • Those for printing like magazine design are formatted as per the printer-explicit requirements.
  • We have proper infrastructure and huge workforce assuring work delivery within really short time period.
  • All-inclusive services that take care of image inspection, color consistency and banding correction

We take every bit of effort to make sure that you get the best results from our graphic design services. We have experience, expertise and most importantly passion to fashion awesomeness with creativity. Since we have worked for different categories of authors, publishers and industries, our team can grasp your designing requirements with ease within no time.

We also offer other creative services like magazine layout and artwork for clients in USA UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, UAE and other Middle East countries as well in India.

Hire us to get designs that catch the audience’s attention and excite them boundlessly