Key elements in professional magazine design

magazine design

Engaging the readers and keeping them impressed is what any company offering magazine layout design services must focus on. There are some tips and tricks by which you can assure a smooth exploring experience for the readers. A magazine emerges to be successful only if the readers pursue both individual articles as well as the entire craft as a whole.

There are some common design elements that if used prudently can guide your targets properly through the professional magazine design. Some of the most prominent ones are brought down for a quick reference and this can be really helpful for your upcoming projects.

The Face of the Magazine

Among different parts of a magazine, its cover is the foremost attribute noted. It includes ‘word mark’ that is the magazine’s name and the way it has been created.  The cover next carries the ‘tagline’ that follows the title to drive home the marketing idea of the company. Space is also provided for stating the date of publication that mostly includes the month and year. The magazine’s cover is entirely filled with ‘coverlines’ which are a mostly short description about what kind of features or articles lie within. Coverlines which are bold and prominent are topics of importance while the smaller sized ones are the least important ones.

Section head

Publications must be divided into different sections and sub-sections. By this, readers can easily find what they are looking for. This increases their interest to explore more and get the exact information they need in the most effective manner.


A strategic headline with the right words magnetize people and invokes a curiosity in them to go for more. It is an important element and has to be distinct to attract the attention of even an impatient prospect. A company offering magazine design services always demands its client to either provide them the best heading possible or seek the assistance of an expert copywriter for the same.

Subhead or Sub-headline

An article is broken down with the help of subhead or sub-headlines into different segments or sections. These magazine key elements make it easier to understand what the following paragraphs are all about. The font shares the same style as that of the body content; except for small variation. It should stand out by using the ‘bold’ option to make it more prominent yet in tune with the body copy. Just remember not to follow a quote or an image with a subhead in an article.

The Drop Caps

This is one of the Key elements of a magazine layout. The ‘initial’ cap has a long-standing, rich legacy; even surpassing that of the printing press.  The ‘Book of Kells’ is a great example for this decorative element of text, which is now being referred to as the ‘drop’ cap. These days, it is mainly used to offer the reader a clear idea about the beginning of an article.

Intro block

This section is also called Stand First, Kicker or Deck based on the publication. Normally, its purpose is to fill the gap between body copy and headline. In certain cases, this section may be absent, mainly because of space limitations. However, providing this bestows readers a path to follow.


Placing by-line is yet another thing to be taken care of. Its placement varies as per the nature of publication as well as the article type. By-line has to stay distinguished from other copy to make sure that credit can be availed when this article is referred to by any third party or when cited.

Body text

It is apparent that the king part of the text will be in the body part and thus selecting fonts for this area is something to be done with immense care. The font you choose can surely influence the reader engagement. Readability can be supported by setting the copy on a standard grid and with columns balanced.  When you outsource magazine design services to the right people, they know how to take care of the readability aspect.

Pull quote

This add pace to the readers. You don’t have to make available a visual stop. Pull quote instead provides a visual break with larger type and increased pace to offer the eyes of the reader a short reset which is always recommended. There are certain publications that don’t assign pull quotes owing to the aesthetic reasons.

The Artwork

An illustration or image that is literally linked to the article.

Photo Captions

The image, drawing or photo to be used should complement the article and the captions should match with them entirely. The caption is more or less a brief and appropriate description that should be placed right below the photo. One has the choice to either use a font size of the photo captions similar to that of the body content or relatively smaller to that. This rule applies not only in case of photos but also for the sketches created by professional sketching services providers.


It is highly recognizable, especially in a corporate magazine design. Normally it includes the page number, issue number or date and sometimes section name or title of the publication is also included. In case if you want to add references to any of other sources, do it consistently without cluttering the pages.

Sidebar heading and copy

Along with the main actual heading in a page, sidebars are also seen usually and their purpose is to tell readers that more information is available. Also, the text in the sidebar sections is consistent in style and distinct from the text in the main body.


You should unhesitatingly give credits to the publishers, photographers or artists whose content or other materials you are using for illustrating the publication. This adds reliability and also it’s ethical to do so. Also, read 5 golden rules for perfect magazine design.

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