tips for illustrating children's books

Children’s book illustration design tips

Whenever you think of your childhood, a world of picture books invades the space creating an excitingly nostalgic experience of a golden age.  Have you ever thought how such creations are materialized in the present digital era? This guide with digital illustration techniques can help you in creating such amazing stuffs. Below are 5 illustration tips that you must know.

  1. Keep drawing

    One of the prime features that must be included in illustrations is the ability to draw. Keep drawing until you have mastered the art of pencil movement. It is one of the key features that makes an illustration work successful. Keep a sketchbook with you all the time. At home, at work and during leisure time, make sure your pencil is moving.

  2. Finish a portfolio of staples

    A stunning portfolio of staples will ensure that you have a lot of creative outlines to work with. Publishers can therefore assess what makes me a perfect illustrator. It will also award you a rewarding career in the field of drawing. Remember to give adequate rest for tired eyes and hands as they are the brush and canvas as far as an artist is considered.

  3. Detail as much as possible

    Night after night these books are read over and over again, so make sure details are well supplemented to give that tint of inspiration every time a page is turned. Not only does it offer supreme reading experience but also makes the little ones think a lot thereby improving their talent to work with brain. Wacom tablets offer a natural way to work by offering proper painting/drawing techniques.

  4. Simplicity meets Naturality

    Simple digital illustration techniques offer excellent value when it comes to drawing pictures for children’s books. It may sound odd but simple facial expressions and taunts are enough to keep young ones glued to the book. Two dots representing eyes and a simple curved line for eye brows are enough. It is just amazing to find out that a simple alteration in the position of the line edge gives varied meanings in the expression.

  5. Variety is the dish

    A well-crafted story along with plenty of characters and superb illustrations will ensure that the book is a future proof one. Even though the scene demands versatile stories, we should not forget the fact that Tin-Tin and Tom and Jerry are excellent cartoons that stood the test of time. Pacing is also a feature that has to be considered. Each page should have enough story divided using rectangles. This helps to utilize the double-page feature available in a book.

Detailed illustrations often change the reader’s interest and helps them to stay with the book till it is finished. After all, children’s book illustration is not a simple task. Only a few of the best illustration companies that provide graphic design services have mastered this art. You should opt only for their help if it seems too complicated for you to deal with.