Analysis of CATI market research

Introductions are really vital when it comes to computer assisted telephone interviewing. Various types of introductions are tested by professionals offering CATI services to assure which one operates more effectively for a specific target audience or study purpose.

With a proper introduction, level of participation as well as engagement increases significantly and this paves way for huger response rates. Incentives help a lot in this regard but it’s not the only thing that matters.

CATI Market Research Response Rate Scenarios

Picture two scenarios for research purpose to identify the CATI response rate

Scenario 1

  • Formal tone was maintained
  • Explaining purpose was focused more
  • Time taken was 5 minutes
  • Incentives were communicated
  • Concluded with inquiring permission to proceed further in a traditional manner

Scenario 2

  • Informal tone was used
  • Lesser time was taken
  • Incentives were not intimated
  • Rather than asking for permission to continue, the executive will go ahead and only end if the respondent demanded so

Scenario 2 will be the winner because of many reasons. Continuously experimenting with different introductions and variations will be definitely helpful. It can give insights regarding the impact of tone, style and various elements on the success of getting maximum information. Successful companies adopt this strategy and thus keep on improving different facets based on data they get through CATI.

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