Whether you are an entrepreneur or an Individual doing business, you might have heard of the term Virtual assistant or Virtual PA.

In this article, you will know all about virtual assistants – what they do, benefits of hiring, how to hire, myths related and more…

If any of the above topic sounds like your query, then consider it to be solved!

But, first let us know the basics…

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual assistant or abbreviated as VA is simply a professional or SME who works both as a full-time employee and as a freelancer from a remote location, particularly home office.

And when we talk about the nature of work…Well! Honesty we should say there is nothing a virtual assistant can’t do…

We bet you’re picturing a superhero back of your mind…Yes, we agree too!

Want to know more about their superpowers? Keep Scrolling!

Types of Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant hiring depends on the nature of the business and it may vary from one client to the other. Some hire a VA for admin tasks, some for creative bit and some for accounting and more.

All in all, the list is endless hence, here are the most demanded virtual assistant services

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support virtual assistants help businesses in phone call management, cold calling, email management, lead generation etc

  • Administrative Work

    This includes basic data entry, organizing to-do list for you, journal management – for meetings & appointments, planning and booking arrangement for both business and personal travel and more

  • Accounting & Book keeping

    This includes preparing invoice and financial statements for the business, numerical data and all related accounting activities

  • Digital Marketing & Content Creation

    In the world of start-ups and online businesses, content creation and digital marketing are accepted as gospels. From writing a content to cater it to the right audience demands best digital marketing decision.

    If this decision making is done by subject matter experts or we say digital marketing virtual assistants, it may take the business to the new heights.

  • Social Media Management

    Just like the above two, social media plays a vital role in building brands and when Social Media Virtual Assistants take the job they make sure to deliver the best of two worlds. From creating social media profiles and managing accounts to launching brands campaigns, they do it all!

  • Market Research

    Virtual assistants for market research understands the demographics, new trends, and other market factors.

    Considering the above factors and a detailed market research these VAs check the viability of a plan and tracks the success rate.

  • Video Editing & Graphic Designing

    Video Editing Virtual Assistants can turn a raw footage into a professional and an eye-catchy video with their editing skills. They can refine your branding videos and product commercials to reach the new level of business.

    The list is endless…but we’ve tried covering the best of all.

As now you know about the types of virtual assistant services… it’s time for you to know the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

  • Economical

    The marketers called it as a ‘Cost-effective option’, hiring a VA to get the job done is a wise decision to make hence, most of the businesses and entrepreneurs are believing in offshore outsourcing

    It saves cost to the company – When a company hires someone for full time, it comes with a certain cost to the company. But, when you hire a VA, you pay them on an hourly or in some cases monthly basis depending on the work-flow. This definitely is penny wise!

  • No Training Cost

    When you opt for virtual assistant service, you get personnel with best skill-set and expertise. In such a case you need not to train them from scratch and it ultimately saves your time and money.

  • Apt for Small Businesses

    Small businesses or start-ups have a very limited budget to spend on multiple things also, in some cases they have no physical offices and sometimes do it all approach harms the business. In such a case, hiring a VA can be a wise decision…why?

    • Pay according to the tasks given
    • Quick Turnaround Time
    • Error free work

    Hope we have resolved some of your queries till here…
    Now, we will talk about certain myths related to virtual assistants.

Myths about hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Communication is Not Effective

    Some businesses don’t opt for digital assistant services just because they believe that when things are virtual, communication is not smooth or effective.

    Well, we will quote it like this…before COVID-19 stumbled upon all of us, many working sectors believed in physical offices and there was very limited or no work from home policies which changed entirely during the time.

    Same goes with digital assistance, an effective communication is not limited to face-to-face encounters anymore.

  • Only a Full-Time VA is Productive

    This is not true! Most businesses only use virtual assistants for 15-20 hours or less per week. Also, in many cases they are paid on per hour basis or on the basis of the time taken by the project.

  • VAs are Virtual Headaches

    Virtual assistants are the finest type of working professionals you will find online. They are subject matter experts, highly experienced, believe in quality deliverable that too for an affordable cost with minimum or no intervention.

  • Virtual Assistant is just a Secretary

    In this dynamic world, everything is evolving and so are the virtual assistance services. You will find VAs with a wide range of skill-set for the type of assistance you require for your business.

We hope now you’re convinced that hiring a virtual assistant is nothing but helping you and your business.

Since you know everything about Virtual assistants…let’s move on the most asked question…

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring of a virtual assistant depends totally on the type of work you want them to complete for you…for example: If you have small tasks to be completed within a certain timeline then freelance virtual assistants are the best. And if you’re searching someone for longer engagement, then a virtual assistant service is what you need.

For freelance VAs, you can start your search from Freelance Market Places, followed by other platforms like social media.

  1. Create a Job Post
  2. Describe the required skill set
  3. Share the Compensation plan
  4. Add Company’s Profile
  5. Give Assignments related to job

Well, honestly there are a lot of portals providing VA Services, but how to choose the best out of it is quite an exercise….so here are some tips that will ease your search.

  1. Check for the Services

    First and foremost thing while choosing a VA Service is to check the type of services they provide. Whether it matches your requirement or not.

  2. Check for the Experience & Expertise

    The best way to select a Virtual Assistant from VA Services is to check their expertise and experience they have in the particular field.

  3. Client Testimonials

    Before going forward with the service always check for the quality of work and client testimonials provided by the clients for the particular service, this will help you in many ways.

Cost of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

The cost of hiring virtual assistant totally depends on the type of project and time engagement.

These are some ways to pay Virtual Assistants-

  1. Pay per hour

    This is the most common way of paying VAs when you have small time engagement with them, especially when engaging a freelancing virtual assistant.

    How to track time? A simple answer to this is the use of time-tracking software (calculated by mouse movements & keystrokes)

  2. Pay Per Project

    Sometimes businesses pay as per the project depending on the complexity of it. This is mostly done for the Social Media handling from account creation to management, from running ads to track them down and make marketing plans accordingly.

  3. Task-Based Payment

    In this, businesses rather than paying for a particular task create a list of tasks and decide the prices accordingly. This includes both hourly and TAT based task.

  4. Subscription Plan

    While hiring VA services, you can also go for subscription plans which is inclusive of all type of services you need and in most of the cases it is custom-made according to your business requirements.

  5. Paying via Agency or VA Contract

    This has many advantages for you, here you will find a pool of talented VAs to work for you. This contracting ensures quality work to be delivered within the given time-frame and you need not to pay till the work is complete.

    In this, even virtual assistants are also relieved with a fact that they will receive a sure shot amount after the completion of the task.

    This sums up the whole world of virtual assistance and we bet you’re now convinced with a fact that how beneficial it is to hire a VA for your business.