Brochure design tips and tricks

Brochure design tips

It is never easy to create a brochure that dazzles and keep the eyeballs hooked to ultimately fetch you customer queries and orders. For that, there are a lot of tips and you have to follow these. Below are some of the most popular among them that almost all professional service providers recommend.

  • Know what you want

    This is the basic tip for anyone seriously indulged in the job. Brochure designers in Bangalore start by inquiring to the clients their need with brochure. Some may knock your door just because they were not successful with their previous efforts. In such cases inspect carefully to determine what they are actually trying to attain.

  • Stand out from the rest

    Being creative is in fact one among the very important tips for great brochure design. It is crucial to think-out-of-the-box in this highly competitive era. Being creative alone won’t help, when market is brimming with several talents. What is important is how you can present your idea in a different and inspiring way. So be creative in such a way that your purpose of branding is served and at the same time your promotion is unique to leave a lasting impression.

  • Simple is safe

    Designing brochure matters a lot but the way you frame wordings/ text for the same is equally important. It is not always a good idea to load your creative design with grandiloquent words. Yes, it will sound sophisticated but it won’t bring you any positive response. In order to get your message across the readers, it is essential to use simple words. As they say, beauty lies in simplicity.

  • Reader is the king

    It may sound like cliche. But the idea is, as a designer you have to produce what appeals to the readers. Whether you like it or not, you have to choose a standard creative pattern to impress the target audience. If they are pleased with what they see, surely your product/service will get good promotion.

  • Hook them with headline

    One should be able to strike an instant chord with the reader right from the beginning. Such that, it is not only important to give a catchy headline for the brochure but also put something that will make the reader understand what the content is all about at a single glance. It is, however, not a good idea to give away an entire company’s profile via headline. A headline is headline – leave other details for the rest of the brochure content.

  • Motive the readers

    Eventually, you will be done with putting a highly creative content and impressive images within your brochure. But all these will all go in vain if you don’t give adequate space for call-to-action. Another one among the most significant of brochure design tips pertains to the call to action.  If you want things to get going successfully, then you have to inspire the readers and prod them smartly to seek your services or buy products from you.

  • Limit the number of fonts

    When it comes to creative brochure layout, the fonts you use must complement the looks. Also they should be easily perceivable and keep the readers engaged. This never means that a lot of fonts are preferred. In fact, lesser fonts are always ideal. Normally, three different fonts are used- body copy, heading and sub-heading fonts.

  • Scrutinize the paper type

    Before starting to design a business brochure, ask what size of paper the client prefers as well as the choice of their paper. The said factors highly influence the design and hence the crafting has to be done in light of these.

  • Get the best content

    Never overlook the significance of wordings you put in any of your marketing materials and brochure too is not an exception to the global rule. People read thoroughly to find out your product or service merits, no matter how much they loved your design. So, presenting your messages or USPs in most communicative, convincing and attractive manner is mandatory and that is the forte of a professional copywriter. Most of the companies offering graphic designing services also have expert content writers with them.

  • Think from the shoes of prospects

    You should always keep in your mind the end purpose. What was the intended response from the brochure designed? Is it meant to serve as a giveaway at any of the exhibitions in your city or do you want to put it as a leave behind marketing material? What has to be the chronological order in which messages are to be presented and conveyed when someone opens the stuff? Design for the prospects and not for yourself.

  • Use images optimally

    It is true that images are better in communicating more points when compared to the words. So, making the best use of them means a king part of your job is done. This never means that you have to bombard the layout with a lot of images; professional brochure designing companies never do so. Use the right images and place them at the right places. Assure that they do justice to the background and the entire color theme.

Above all, maintain simplicity throughout. People want a visual treat and the exact message within shortest of words and images, not an extravaganza with lot of illogical colors and jargons.

If you want professional brochure design services, seek help from any of the best companies in Bangalore. There are many skilled ones that can assure you impeccability.