Being a video marketer, you might know the importance of video editing in this digital world. Weaving your shots together is a critical task, and if not done systematically, your video will result in the disengagement of spectators. This article will be helpful for you to understand and learn more about different YouTube Editing Software available for your videos on YouTube.

These tools are the best for the professionals and the beginners to make the perfect edits to your videos. There are premium and free tools accessible but which are the best you can choose is yet a question to be answered. With the help of our video editors, we have sorted the list of best editing software for YouTube.

youtube video editing software

List of Premium Software for Editing Videos for Youtube

  • Final Cut Pro

    A feature-packed program with an intuitive layout perfectly suitable for the professionals who need to do video editing for YouTube.

    • Works fabulously with photo collections and iTunes and helps take your videos to the next level.
    • Makes excellent use of panel space
    • Features file directory, imports and all other naming conventions
    • Performance is enhanced with some healthy additions
    • For compatible hardware, this program allows 360-degree editing.
    • Has an excellent level of manual adjustment for grading colours
  • All-in-One YouTube Editing Software- Movavi Video Suite

    It is best for novice video editors who want to edit their videos quickly and easily. An affordable program packed with unique features which help in merging, adding transitions etc. The screen recording features help make helpful tutorials and has 160 filters, chroma key and caption support. An all-in-one solution is helping in the creation of videos.

    • Easy to use
    • Affordable pricing
  • Premiere Pro 2021- for YouTube Pros

    Premiere Pro 2021 is an advanced software for professionals with regular updates, powerful tools and a streamlined interface with different team collaboration options.

    An industry-standard video editor with everything you require to create incredible videos. Major production houses use this program as it works on Mac and Windows. This latest version of the Premiere Pro brings enhancements in performance.

    • Has an easy to navigate layout while ensuring simplicity
    • It has a new quick export feature
    • Helps in sharing and organizing projects effectively
    • Multiple processes are possible without duplicating project files.
  • Filmora X- Affordable editing software

    • Available for both Windows and Mac and supports over 50 formats.
    • An elegant program helping with video clips edit
    • A simple user interface to add special effects and audio easily
    • Creating and adding movie filters, moving titles without limits
    • Offers 100 Media layers which allow for crafting complicated stories
    • Noise removal helps in making the video sound perfect
  • Premiere Elements 2021 by Adobe

    A simple interface helps create the most engaging videos while learning intellectual skills. Beneficial for novice editors to turn their simple video clicks into something beautiful and engaging.

    Different effects are motion tracked and have been the most significant addition making the programs accessible and practical.

    • Easy-to-follow interface
    • Step-by-step tutorials
    • Clear navigation
    • Face detection
    • Soundtracks & audio effects

    Guided edits are a vital feature that helps build confidence while using the interface

  • Premiere Rush

    This Adobe’s tool is one of the most appropriate software for editors and is a newcomer. This intuitive layout software has different tools and great export options. YouTubers who aim to generate quick content for their channels can use this software as the first choice.

    • Has a simple layout
    • There are different essential timeline clipping edit tools
    • Control over various audio and video tracks
    • Add titles easily from the templates available
    • Short transitions with four different options including None, Dip to white, Dip to black and Cross Dissolve
  • Pinnacle Studio

    A kind of cheap software for YouTube Video editing with an accessible but in-depth option and is a perfect choice for editors in mid-level. It has in-depth functionality and interfaces similar to high-end options.

    • Has a revamped title editor enabling attractive and professional text graphics
    • Dynamic masking tools make it easier to mask your video clips
    • There are keyframes crucial to fine-tuning adjustments and effects
    • It’s the perfect tool with lots of functionalities
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

    Worth considering this tool as it has some advanced features, including 360-degree editing, Multicam editing and motion tracking. Cost-effective solution for creating videos quickly with lots of tutorials. The easy editor automatically combines clips and photos in minutes to help you build your skills.

    • There are customizable vector shapes
    • Motion graphics and ready to use titles
    • 100% accuracy in advanced motion tracking

List of Free Video Editing Software for Youtube

  • Lightworks

    Lightworks is the best free program helpful for editors working on Windows. It’s a pro-level video editing software used in big-budget movies in Hollywood. It gives excellent control and has powerful, rich features.

  • iMovie for the iOS operating system

    • Free Apple Software
    • Easy to learn the software with a straightforward user interface
    • Owners of iPhones, iPad and Mac, can try this software for editing
    • Valid for general consumer usage
    • Simple to use and pick up and is an excellent option for the newcomers.
  • Shotcut

    Simple to use software for new YouTubers utterly new to video editing. There are different video and audio editing tools that support various formats. Open-source software customizable using pre-made panels. There are tons of tutorials available for iOS, Windows and Linux.


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