furniture sales through 3d


3D product animations are increasingly being used in the furniture industry to leverage sales. The technical edge enables one to visualize the products, ensuring clarity in the manufacturing process. With changing technology, concepts like 3D virtual tours, animation, and visualizations have penetrated into various industries. The furniture industry, too, heavily relies on these animations. Product animation video uplift the overall quality of marketing strategy, capturing new markets and convincing potential customers about product features. You will find 3D product animations cheaper than traditional advertising models. These are easy to use and the visual appeal casts a powerful impact on the customers. Here are five ways in which 3D product animation can be beneficial to the furniture industry.

Top Reasons why you should use 3D Product Animation to Market Furniture Products

3D product animation is used by modern businesses to make the most out of modern marketing strategies and to create a deep impact on the minds of the target audience. If you are a furniture manufacturer or a designer who’s looking to introduce fresh ideas in the market, you can make 3D product animation generate extraordinary market response. Here’s why you should consider using 3D furniture rendering to market your furniture products:

  • Create Engaging Content

    After Google, YouTube attracts most of the web traffic followed by Facebook. With industry experts opining that people would consume more and more video content in the coming years, businesses are seeking the assistance of professional 3D animation companies to create 3D animation product videos. With photorealistic 3D animation, you can overcome the limitations of static renders and you can make your furniture models shift in any direction, get displayed from multiple angles, or transform into another product. You can even use animation to display the internal features or to change the types of upholstery while displaying the product in motion.

  • Keep Your Sales Funnel Active At All Levels

    Using 3D animation to promote your furniture products, you can attract visitors to your website. For example, people who are interested to buy, say for example, a TV console from your website, may get attracted to new 3D models of chairs that you have displayed through an animated video. So by keeping awe-inspiring product 3D videos in place, you can promote cross-selling and upselling. By using 3D furniture videos to display your products online, you would instill a life-like experience and make online shopping more enjoyable.

  • 3D Animation can be used in Multiple Marketing Channels

    3D animated furniture videos can be used in multiple types of marketing channels such as social media, Google advertising, TV advertising, trade show marketing, and outdoor advertising. Video is the most popular way of sharing content on Facebook. You may also consider starting a YouTube channel and upload 3D animated videos to allow your existing customers as well as prospects to get a detailed idea of the types and styles of furniture that you are offering to them. These videos would educate as well as entertain your customers. 3D animated videos can be a successful part of your Google advertising campaigns as well. You can use YouTube ads to target the customers who are looking for products that you are selling and this way you can make the most out of targeted ads to deliver hard-hitting and meaningful content. TV advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target customers and so you may consider launching some really innovative and engaging 3D furniture animation ads on the television. 3D product animation can be used in trade shows to deliver contextual furniture presentation. You can also let the target audience see customization opportunities by allowing them to visualize furniture parts in their own ways. 3d product animation videos can grace the outdoor screens in public places, entertaining onlookers and driving sales response.

  • Increase Brand Awareness and Generate Leads

    Animated 3D product videos can be used to convey brand messages clearly and to boost brand awareness. This is why animated product videos serve as excellent lead generation media. When you are able to attract the attention of prospective buyers, you are more likely to get their responses through calls or emails. Engaged prospects are more likely to subscribe to your newsletters, thereby increasing sales probability further. 3D animation is a powerful storytelling method that you can capitalize on to demonstrate your company’s history and to portray your design and production philosophy. If you are selling your products online, then you can establish authenticity by creating detailed 3d animated furniture videos and allowing your prospects to evaluate designs and styles from multiple aspects such as modernity and ergonomics.

  • Win the Confidence of Your Customers

    You can create a 3D animated video to explain to your customers how they can assemble a furniture item, say for example, a shelf or educate them on how they should choose a bed for a child. This way, you can let your customers know that you care for them and are always ready to educate them to help them make informed decisions. This way, you can win their confidence and make them listen to you. With a creative 3D animated furniture video, you can showcase the interiors of a home including all detailing in order to allow your customers to imagine how their homes would look like if they install the furniture that you are displaying. This would connect your customers to your brand at a deeper level, thereby boosting their interest in making a purchase. With the growing popularity of video content and with the ability of product videos to deliver value and boost brand awareness, you should consider investing in product animations so as to be able to make an impact on today’s interactive- content-savvy consumers.

Ways how you can leverage Product 3D animation to boost your furniture sales

So far, we have been discussing about the potential of 3D animated furniture videos and why they are an effective tool in your mission to meet your brand’s objectives. Now, we are going to discuss how you can utilize the potential of 3D product animation so as to generate the desired customer response.

  • Brand image can be presented in customized and impactful way.

    For appealing to the buying instincts of customers and inspire them to invest in furniture put on sales at your store, you need to deploy innovative promotional mechanisms to command their attention. Most often, prospects are influenced by sudden emotional feeling sweeping through them when making a purchasing decision. Logical considerations become secondary. You can trigger an emotional bond for your products with aesthetically designed 3D furniture model. The furniture would get a distinctive character of its own which would promote bran recall and promote higher sales. Since the attractive 3D models can be used for telling a compelling story with pictures, customers can be productively engaged. You get the power to present your brand image in a customized manner with 3D modeling which offers a refreshing experience that users would cherish.

  • Convincing furniture catalogs and presentations can be developed.

    Promotional advertisement is the first step in spreading the word about best in class furniture available for sale through your brand. With 3D product visualization and rendering, you can create colorful, captivating and photo-realistic catalogs which when distributed would make customers require for the furniture. This way you can boost sales and retain loyalty of customers. Through 3D animation, panoramic 360 degrees projection, and visualization; seductive presentations can be developed and deployed online which would generate interest of prospects about your brand. Furniture can be presented against various backdrops which would help customers visualize its use in different perspectives. As the 3D product can be viewed from different angles and all minute details would be reflected, eve skeptic customers would believe in your brand.

  • Use Augmented Reality to help customers understand furniture’s compatibility with space.

    You can offer customers more insights into the potential use of furniture and its compatibility with different settings using AR. Augmented reality in furniture segment allows leads to walkthrough virtual rooms and put furniture in different locations to measure the visual appeal, functionality and compatibility of the same. AR blends with 3D modeling to offer customers a meaningful shopping experience in digital realm which allows them to justify their decisions to invest in costly home furniture by visualizing space usage.

  • Sell your products anytime.

    Through 3D animations of your product, you can create powerful visuals that can captivate your targets. These are to be uploaded into the websites for the customers to view. When your visitors click on the video, the products are displayed before them. You need not be present online all the time. When your business crosses geographical boundaries, it becomes difficult to adjust to different time zones. These visuals can educate the customers about different product features and utilities all time round the clock.

  • Attract more attention.

    People look out for colourful and vibrant visuals on the portals. You can create dynamic animations, captivating their attention. While the product details absorb their attention, the attractive nature of the video keeps them tuned to the website. Drab and boring visuals fail to retain their attention for long. Through 3D animations, the experts create stunning videos, along with voice overs, background music and movements. Different effects like colours and sounds make the animations inviting. This is the reason why product animation commercial works effective than any other means of advertising.

  • Easy promotional strategy

    The visual impact of 3D product animations is extremely high. These carry more features than ordinary videos. You may approach the experts to develop these animated videos for your furniture brand. Original videos with powerful imagery often go viral on different online platforms. It is a cheap and easy method to promote your products. You can grow your brand image by developing customized animations for your brand. Innovative product design animation gets thousands of likes and shares. This has a positive effect on the optimization of your website. It attracts more customers, increasing the sales.

  • Educating your customers

    Companies providing elaborate user guides to their customers enjoy a wider clientele as it keeps the latter comfortable. You can develop ‘how to’ videos, focussing on the utility of your furniture in a clever manner. It will develop an impressive image of your company across your client base. They will find it easy to use your products; tutorial type videos make sure that the customers don’t feel confused and thus reluctant towards using your product. Visuals created by a professional 3d rendering company convey more information than diagrams or written words. The readers will find these more engaging, which will add to your brand image.

  • Engage your customers.

    As 3D animation design is more effective in keeping the visitors engaged than any other means, you can use it as an interactive channel to inform them about your products. It will give your company more exposure. Staying connected to the customers through interactive animated videos refines your image and you can cultivate brand loyalty among them. You can enhance the experience of the customer by incorporating a 360-degree video on your website. You need to implement new approaches for retaining your existing customers while expanding your market. 3D animated videos enable you to interact visually with your customers which they would really appreciate.