call centre outsourcing trends


Owing to ever changing market trends and dynamic technological achievements, there has been a huge boom in call centre outsourcing domain in recent years.

But unfortunately 2017 proved to be a dull phase for several reasons. Lack of effective resources, political issues and increased trade security – all these didn’t favour the call centre outsourcing industry much. Yet that didn’t affect the growth of this thriving sector and it is now showing positive signs in different ways, to keep moving ahead bringing overall success for market and introducing healthy business practices. Thanks to constant technological innovations, businesses have huge scope to flourish on a very large scale.

However, the contact centre outsourcing companies need to go hand in hand with new and upcoming technological advancements so that they can efficiently cross hurdles, increase the quality of products and services, build enough workforce as well as focus on cost management. So what do 2018 has stored in for us in terms of this contact centre outsourcing industry? Let us go ahead and elaborate it for you:

A Clear Picture

The scenario was very much different at a time when it was not quite easy for the call centre outsourcing companies to have a clear-cut idea of a company’s contracts or policies, since MNCs had an upper hand. Be it on client’s side or supplier’s side, the employees hardly had any information or were unaware about the working structures. But then, the call centre industry came out with hard and fast rules for pricing, policies and contracts, when several start-up companies started mushrooming everywhere. To go with the competitive flow, vendors had no other choice but to update their policies on regular basis so that they don’t have any risk of losing any business. This is how transparency played a major role in cementing healthy association between clients and suppliers. This also proved to be a big scope for growth and innovation. Since then there has been huge demand for getting a clear picture about the outsourcing industry and it came along with enhanced business setting and good support from government entities.

Unwavering through testing times

Call centre outsourcing industry has well managed to stay afloat through challenging and laid up phases. Especially during the geopolitical period, various call centre outsourcing services providers have been able to survive effortlessly by tweaking their policies a bit to suit the changing times. The best example is when President Trump made a strong voice for “America First” and the industry people were unsure about their business processes ahead. But still the call centre outsourcing industry easily went on to cross the rough waters with renewed energy.

Broader Horizons

Despite political challenges, the outbound call centre outsourcing is expected to keep thriving and different countries which are considered as the hottest hubs of outsourcing market, will continue to extend their services without any hitches. This also applies for the inbound call centre services, and with this outsourcing industry is here to stay; which will further aid in generating maximum revenue of the concerned country engaged in this sector.

Moreover, several more countries will be charged up to participate in this outsourcing game seeing the immense scope it avails. The new entrants would prove to be more challenging for other players in this contact centre industry. With rise of competitions everywhere, outsourcing market will have a great boost as current service providers will try to enhance their quality in all facets possible.

The Skill Factor

There has been visible development within a decade in the call centre outsourcing market. The industry has gone through many ups and downs but the multinational companies woke up at the right time, to understand the importance of these outsourcing sectors. Such that they got down to focus on giving an image makeover totheir working methods, by encouraging innovative technologies of the outsourcing companies. This helped in bringing balance in managing the workforce which had earlier affected the initial cycle of call centre outsourcing industry. Since there was dearth of skilled workers, MNC giants set the trend of seeking cost effective solutions through automated machines and equipments running on artificial intelligence. In fact there emerged a case of uncertainty over the job opportunities. Eventually this made the government and business heads to sit up and make a serious note. They went on to divert their attention to develop on workers base and their skills by introducing different training sessions. Thus, it has become mandatory for the call centre outsourcing industry to put their money heavily in boosting up the employees in hand. Through vast business improvisation by engaging skilled workforce, companies will understand the quality benefits and they will obviously rely on contact centre outsourcing sector for sure.

Building rapport

Great minds have given rise to greater inventions. And this has led to even greater business opportunities. With launch of start-up companies at every nook and corner of the globe, there is huge rise in competition and performance expectations. Each business organisations is aiming to give best results within limited time frame. However they are pulled back owing to limited resources and lower budget; the start-up companies seek support from offshore call centres to retain quality work. Through cost effective services, these young ventures ease their workload by handing over heavy responsibilities on the call centres thus both gaining benefits in the long run. 2018 can look forward to such a trend-setting relationship – where start-up companies and offshore call centres help each other to survive in the market.

A final note

Putting together all these insights, one can safely presume that the call centre outsourcing industry has remarkable prospects for 2018 and onwards. The above mentioned call centre outsourcing trends will gain strong foothold since the industry will keep seeing changes in growth as well as through fresh players. Since there will be ever demand for cost effective solutions, the ground of call centres seem to be bit shaky. Experts predict that in coming years, companies will look ways to employ robots to ensure seamless workflow within confined budget. There is a looming threat on losing jobs to such automated entities.

However the governing bodies concerning to nations having several call centre outsourcing suppliers are prepared for the unforeseen. They will keep focusing on creating awareness over the importance of workforce to meet the increasing demands of employers. To stay in the market, the call centre organisations will seek ways to develop skilled workers by introducing extensive training programmes. This will ensure that they avail consistent workforce.

Even startup companies have a fair hand in boosting the call centre outsourcing market. With efficient use of transparent policies and systems, the industry will grow leap and bounds thus emerging as a revenue generating sector.