Customer service is a specialized domain. However, with adequate planning and resources and with well-trained personnel, you can manage this complex area with ease. Call scripts have the potential of leveraging customer service to a significant extent.

call scripts to enhance customer experience

Telemarketing executives and customer service agents often use call scripts. You can communicate with customers in an efficient and elegant manner. You must note that scripts are not dialogues that have to be recited as a monologue. The script just serves as a pilot document that would guide agents to communicate well with their customers and to deliver the best possible customer service.

Advantages of Call Scripts

Your customer service team consists of different individuals. The knowledge level of each employee varies. This implies that a new person who is not well versed with different issues may end up delivering inadequate support to the customers. This can be avoided with call scripts.

Scripts are provided to customer service executives to ensure that they are aware of the responses that should be given for specific problems. Call scripts would help you accomplish the following objectives:

  • Quick Problem Resolution Time

    Your agents would know what to say for specific problems even when on call. This shortens the problem resolution time and enhances your agents’ productivity.

  • Consistency in Customer Experience

    Each executive would be offering similar response to a given problem, so this means that you can ensure consistency in customer experience.

  • Applying A Failsafe Mechanism

    If the calls are difficult technically, every agent knows how to avoid delivering inaccurate or misleading response to customers.

Risks Associated With Call Scripts

You must avoid certain mistakes to ensure that the scripts don’t end up getting translated into an unpleasant experience to your customers. These are discussed below:

  • Monotonous Responses by Agents

    Mindless use of call scripts may make your agent sound like a robot. Lack of human touch may actually cause a negative impact on your overall customer service goals. Customers can easily discern if the call center agent is using a script. This lack of empathy can distract your customers.

  • Customer Issues May Remain Unsolved

    If the agent comes across a complex problem that’s not covered in the script, he/ she may end up using a wrong script or deliver inaccurate information in the bid to offer a quick response. This may frustrate your customers, thereby leading to a devastating experience.

Effective Usage of Call Scripts

Your BPO call center can enhance the effectiveness of scripts by following the points discussed below:

  • Highlight The Important Pain Areas

    You can pre-define the questions commonly asked by your customers. This will allow your agents to identify the exact pain points that your customers may point out. The agent can deliver accurate response without bombarding the customer with different questions to reach to the root of the problem.

  • Teach Agents How To Offer The Right Solution

    Your agent may not have a persuasive tone or attitude, but with a good script and adequate training, he/she can still offer correct solutions to your customers easily. Promptness and efficacy of services can be enhanced. Accurate problem detection becomes possible if operational tasks are standardized.

  • Enhance Responsive Time

    Since all relevant information would be available in a single piece of content, customers can interact with agents in an agile and fluent manner. Higher conversion rate can be assured by reducing the responsive time.

  •  Make Inexpressible Problems Easily Understandable

    There may be instances when a customer may not be able to express his/ her problem in a fluent manner to the agent. If all the problems are mentioned in a single script, the agent can understand the exact need of the customer during the course of interactions.

  • Get Seniors Involved At The Right Time

    The script should clearly explain when the call center agent can solve problems independently and when he/she should involve the seniors for troubleshooting. This clarity would reduce the problem resolution time.

Other Important Aspects of Call Scripts

  • Seek the Feedback of Frontline Employees

    The customer service representatives deal with customers directly. Hence, their feedbacks must be taken into account while developing call scripts. This would support the development of appropriate scripts and promote continuous improvement.

  • Add Flexibility to Script

    Customer service agents on telecalling must be able to flexibly respond to the unconventional solution requests and queries of customers. The script should address these issues.

  • Add Empathy

    The script must have an empathetic tone so that the customer can feel that the agent is able to step into his/ her shoes and feel the problem. This assures the customer that he/she is getting customized response for his/her queries.

Your agents may not need to adhere to call scripts strictly. Call scripts must serve as a guide for call center agents when they would need to address complex or unconventional customer queries. A flexible script allows an agent to interact with customers more easily. A well-developed and targeted script can do wonders to your organization, boosting the level of your customer service and earning you a good reputation in the industry.