illustration trends


Digital illustration trends keep on changing, with creativity and innovative technology driving the art. Here, you will come to know about the important illustration trends of 2018. As graphic design has become an integral part of the marketing mechanism of business firms, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. The illustrators come up with their own styles of art. However, certain important industry trends have shown up, and you need to master the same for enhancing the digital pictures.

Have a look at the current vector illustration trends that will dominate digital illustrations in various industries.

  • Interplay of colors

    The right interplay of colors has always been an important aspect in digital illustrations. Presently, the significant use of playful colors in the illustrations has increased. This has resulted in the illustrations becoming more vibrant. The boldness of colors has been gaining prominence for quite some time now. Various digital illustrators make their images stand out from the crowd by using these colors. Thus, this concludes that color plays an important role in communicating visually. The correct choice of color intensity and shades largely influences the looks of the image.

    Previously, graphic artists did not use colors that are too bold to attract people. However, trends are changing and the use of bold colors has become a part of the illustration styles 2018. These colors can be used both individually as well as in pattern collages. However, the shades are more likely to become saturated and bolder in the coming years. Besides this, the color intensity can probably become a new concept.

  • Illustrations empowering Women

    One of the important 2018 digital illustration styles is the integration of female empowerment concept in the art. Several digital artists have specialized in developing illustrations that depict female empowerment. These illustrators express their ideas or perspectives related to the empowerment of females with the help of their drawings. A significant number of female empowerment themes have become prominent in recent years. This trend is likely to continue in the months to come. More themes based on this subject are likely to come up.

    These type of digital illustrations possess certain physical attributes such as round or curved features, body hairs, expanded limbs, etc. This challenges the society’s pre-existing thoughts, particularly the assumptions that have been imposed on the women. Thus, many illustrators are now striving to stabilize the concept of women sexuality.

    Apart from individual illustrators, online communities are also coming up with digital illustrations based on female empowerment. Artists, cartoonists, and illustrators coming together in these communities, can help them express their perspectives or thoughts across the globe.

  • Absurdity and Surrealism

    The concept of surrealism is moderately showing up in the field of digital illustrations. Various artists are developing these type of illustrations while bearing in mind that anything can happen in this surrounding whether it is bad or good. The element of absurdity is creeping into the themes of contemporary illustrations. Certain strange illustration styles are becoming evident over the years. As a consequence, a lot of decorative concepts are visible in the drawings now. The leading digital illustrators are coming up with new concepts that are subversive and futuristic.

    The sci-fi concepts are also making their way into contemporary digital illustration trends. These are one of the fastest-growing trends in the present market. The artists use unique approaches while drawing the illustrations where some are hilarious artworks while others are sharp and have dysmorphic features.

  • Anxiety and isolation

    With digital artists striving to make the artworks realistic, dominant human feelings are finding their place in modern illustrations. Isolation and anxiety is increasing among people across the globe because of various reasons. These are being demonstrated through images or other artwork of the designers. The elements from different spheres of life, i.e., from society and culture to politics, it has created a strong impression in the modern or contemporary illustrations. The illustrators are portraying the common sensation of insecurity over the world in these images. They give importance to various theories like the global unstable politics, nuclear war, or other facets that result in crisis or anxiety.

    Graphic artists from different countries are also focusing on subjects that lead to alienation and stress, like fear, stress, delusion and so on. These are usually presented in monochromatic or dark colors. Often, these illustrations look disturbing and ominous. The illustrators have also developed digital drawings based on psychological issues of people, that arise from alienation and anxiety.

  • 1990’s Retro images

    The 1990’s old and enriched retro images have turned out to be one of the popular digital illustration styles in the contemporary industry. The illustrators test-out various color effects and tones in these images. With retro images becoming popular for commercial purposes, business firms seek illustration services from the experts. The retro pictures hold a nostalgia, that can quickly make its impact among the viewers. These images can instantly click and do its work for marketing and advertisement. The usage of clear lines and solid colors are the most influential features for this kind of image illustrations. Contemporary graphic professionals are also developing illustrations based on the 1990’s pop culture. During this time, the cartoon or illustration was widely known because of the vigorous color usage. Currently, there are many illustrations crafted according to this theme.

  • The Japanese Illustration Style

    Japanese art has been popular across the globe due to its distinct features. The culture has inspired several artworks. Contemporary digital illustrators are focusing on drawings based on the Ukiyo-e or anime-style art. Besides, several artworks have been developed, with themes based on Japanese cities and their fashions. The Japanese culture is enriched and inspires the artists to develop illustrations based on those concepts. In case you need a dedicated support from professionals for digital drawings, you can reach out to a reputed Illustration company for these services. The Japanese influence has shaped digital illustrations of the modern day to a great extent.

  • Combining manual and digital styles

    With the advent of sophisticated smartphones and other mobile devices, digital artists are nurturing their creativity to develop new concepts of illustrations. A blend of hand-drawn and digital style has been in the trend for quite some time. This became 2018’s most dynamic and influencing illustration trends. These are also being used in commercial purposes. People are keen to develop sketches in quick time through these new techniques. Now, the artists have come up with different illustration types and lettering.The combination of vector and paper-drawn artwork is a great evolution in the world of designing.

  • Limited Color Options

    Use of a limited and flat color palette is one of the most popular illustration trends. This gives a bold as well as a simplistic look to an illustration. Use of flat color keeps the viewers’ focus fixed to the key message that the illustration is meant to convey.

  • 3D Illustrations

    3D illustrations are noted for creative uses of shapes and colors. Because of their volume and mass, 3D illustrations can create a stronger impact on the target audience. Companies have started using 3D illustrations for promoting their brands across diverse media.

  • Printmaking

    This is a top illustration practice that we have been witnessing for quite some time. The printmaking trend brings along a feel of genuineness and warmth to illustrations. Sometimes, it may generate a vintage appeal too.  It can be clubbed with other styles of illustration as well.

  • Textures

    Different objects have different textures. And you can understand what the texture is just by looking at it. You can apply gorgeous textures in illustrations too. Textures look like real-world surfaces and they add a genuine look to digital illustrations. These illustrations are often used in packaging, mobile apps, and websites.

  • Warm and Moody

    We have been witnessing an increasing use of bold and moody tones in illustrations this year. However, this does not come as a surprise as several designers have already been using saturated and vibrant palettes since the past several years. Use of moody and pastel shades instills a feel of nostalgia and makes illustrations appear more pleasing and welcoming.

With new trends in digital illustrations fast making its impact in the advertisement industry, business firms are collaborating with reputed illustrating companies. Integrating sophisticated digital illustrations in your commercials can leverage your marketing strategy.