brochure graphic design elements

Key elements of brochure design

As brochures are one of the most crucial forms of marketing that a business can do, even during an era of digital marketing, it is profoundly important that you get it right all the time. Seeking the assistance of a professional brochure designer is recommended but before that it is important that you get the basic ideas regarding different aspects of this impactful marketing material.

Have you ever what wondered what makes a successful brochure other than its design and content?

If not, let us break it down for you so that when you are in need of a brochure next time, you can pay attention to all these aspects to impress your existing and potential customers.

  • Pay attention to the functionality

    Each and every element that you add to the brochure, whether it is the design or content elements, must add to the functionality of the brochure. For example, if your brochure is able to conceal a simple part and reveal it later in ways least expected by the audience, it can definitely impact the readers. Thus it will stay with the readers more than usual, which ultimately is what you need the brochure to do.

  • Simple is the way to tread on

    If you think that you have to make the entire brochure a thing of complex layouts and ambiguous words that make no sense to the readers, you are better off without a brochure. The major attraction of brochures is that they are incredibly simple—to design and distribute. You must assure that they are also easier for people to read and understand. If you are going to make it complex, you will derive no benefit out of it, ever.

  • Diversity is the key

    People like diversity and change and this must always reflect in your mind in whatever you do, whether it is designing, distributing or creating content, when it comes to making brochures. While it may make sense to follow a corporate style unique to you, diverse aesthetics elements and content are what will get the job done better for you. This is what a typical brochure designing company in India always suggests.

  • It is always about the colors

    For many, it is simply mean a lot of colors.It is the intelligent use of colors that attracts eyes and attention to your brochure. If the colors are dull and unattractive to lure the eyes of people, you really have to do all the rework to get the colors corrected.

  • Never stay away from graphics

    Irrespective of the business verticals you operate in and the products and services you sell, you need to effectively utilize graphics to do the trick. Intelligent use of graphics to the degree necessary is really important to have the people take interest to read your brochure. Best companies offering brochure design services always emphasize on graphics and this is the reason for their thumping success.

  • Welcome different shapes

    Who said that you always have to adhere to the rectangular shape of the brochures? No graphic design service provider will ever say so. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the shape of the brochures. While many businesses prefer rectangular shapes, if you are a toy company targeting kids, making your brochures in funny animal or toy shapes can get the attention of children easily. This is just a scenario; you can in fact experiment a lot of sensible things based on your targets.

  • Pay attention to the material you choose

    While it may become apparent to you, the quality and type of the material that you use for your design is really important. While you may choose to use any type of material as brochures are a one-shot effort, it is important to use the best as the print may not come as you expect on materials that are of subpar quality. Even when you outsource brochure design services requirements to an external company make sure that you are too particular about the material that you choose for printing. The quality of paper used reflects your seriousness and professionalism.

  • Small is big in brochures

    One of the most important aspects of brochures is that it is for people to read and ultimately, it is a marketing material. You need people to read it. And people know that brochures are a marketing material. If you are going to make it bigger and dauntingly larger, people will refuse to even look at it. As such, make it small, precise and to-the-point.

  • Experiment with your font choices

    When it comes to creating brochures, there really are in fact no rules. You can take the paths you find fitting to your requirements. Hence, you may use the fonts as diverse as possible. The only thing you need to take care while doing the same is that they are intelligible to the people reading it.

  • Make use of round edges

    Most of the brochures that we have seen have sharp edges as if it is a definite rule. However, you can always make use of rounded edges which will definitely make the brochure look all the warmer. Let it be tri-fold design, two fold or anything, round edges can work well.

  • Utilize textures for the brochure

    While trying to grab the attention of the people with the help of your brochure, diversity is the trail you need to walk on. In order to get all the diversity you need, one of the best ways is to make use of textures. It can definitely bring a unique look and feel for your brochure that can instantly attract the attention of the readers.

  • Content of the brochure

    Even if you have the perfect design, attractive colors and impeccably shaped brochures that can win over the minds of your audience right away, your content is the deciding factor. Everything you do—the design, the colors and the shapes—is the perfect vase you use to embellish your message. If the message that you are trying to communicate is not impressive enough, it will instantly turn the audiences off and hence, it is important to get the messages written perfectly by a professional.

  • Cover to make it exciting

    If you want your audiences to way ‘Wow!’ you need to make the brochure look personal, exciting and appealing. Covering the same as a case is perhaps the best way to do it. It will bring a personal touch and feel to the brochure which will make it all the more impressive to the readers.

    While brochure is never a thing of rocket science, doing it appropriately can bring all the goods that you expect from any marketing effort. Paying attention to the above mentioned aspects will definitely help you create a brochure that cannot be simply ignored by your target audience.

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