When a video is created, the essential step of post-production is video color grading and color correction to give it a look that is pleasing to the audience’s eyes.

WinBizSolutionsIndia is the leading video post-production company that provides you with the most alluring and next-level footage that will be a contributing factor in another leap towards the success of your business.

With a team of professional colorists and video correction artists, we have delivered numerous successful projects to our clients and built trust on national and international platforms.

With many years of experience, we have served various clients from different walks of the industry like corporate companies, advertisement agencies, eCommerce companies, production studios, and more.

Video Color Grading Services at WinBizSolutionsIndia

We have a huge portfolio of services that we offer to our clients in terms of video post-production. Here is a list of the video color grading services we offer to our clients with video color correction and related needs

  • Color Grading Services for Short Films

    You might have observed many color schemes used in short films and sometimes 2-3 colors in a single scene or a blend of colors too as the story moves from flashback to present. This is all the work of color grading and correction.

    Our colorists use the best color palette as the film demands by setting up the scene as per the mood which can be sad, happy, excited or so and we use the best hue like cold for sad scenes, color pop for happy and exciting scenes to match the mood of every scene to make it look even more appealing to the audience. We also add shadows to it in order to increase the depth of the plot and more.

  • Corporate Video Color Correction Services

    We provide the most refined and professional corporate visuals using the best of our talent. Our video correction team works hard to bring what your videos want to convey to the audience, whether it is a board room video clip or a live brand event, we provide the best video color grading solutions to the businesses resulting in increased ROI.

  • Documentary Color Grading Services

    A documentary color grading requires a separate approach and a different color palette as most documentaries are related to cold topics of history like war or biography or even sometimes a series of a renowned person’s life. This requires a professional hand to get it done as to make it look colder, happy or motivational, or likewise as per the story demands.

  • Commercial Video Color Correction Services

    As color correction has its own language, it often makes the visuals speak for themselves, it is always important to understand what one visual demands for example- A commercial that demands sad and happy emotions at the same time. This is no work of a newbie, it requires years of experience to chalk out exactly what a client demands.

    Color correction adds emotions, energy, and even excitement to the visuals, this is why it is of great importance in video post-production.

  • Wedding Video Color Correction Services

    Weddings are the most romantic as well as emotional moment in people lives and it requires a perfect blend of emotions in one single frame.

    Bringing every color of love together is not an easy task, but our professional team is a pool of creative minds who understand what and how to put the exact colors where it is required to make your wedding videos look appealing every time you see them.

  • Real Estate Video Color Correction Services

    This industry is growing leaps and bounds and hence there is a need to get the video color correction services to be included in this section of the industry too.

    As in the world of video content, this section is not left behind in showcasing the beautiful property or residential or commercial areas via videos. And when there is a video, there is a need for color correction.

    We use the best color palette as required to give the most stunning and real-to-life outputs of the properties.

Our Other Professional Renowned Video Editing Services

We strive to deliver the best of two worlds kind of output when we work on our clients’ videos. We provide 360-degree support and a comprehensive solution in terms of video editing, one can say that we are a one-stop shop for all the video editing and correction needs.

Our professional video editing services are a total package that is tailor-made to meet the editing requirements of all industry verticals. We use the most advanced technology and tools that help us provide uber-class services to our customers.

We have a huge list of clientele including small startups to big companies, we treat them all equally and provide services to the best of our abilities.

We have production houses, filmmakers, ads and news agencies, eCommerce businesses, YouTubers, documentary producers, real estate companies, social media influencers, and more onboard with us.

According to the industry verticals, here are some essential video editing services we offer

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Benefits of Choosing WinBizSolutionsIndia for Your Business Needs

  • Dedicated Team to Provide 360 Degree Solutions
  • Round the Clock Support Based on Various Time Zones
  • Tailor-made Pricing Packages as per the Project
  • We use the Most Advanced Tools and Technology

WinBizSolutionsIndia is a leading video editing company serving through various geographical locations for over a decade now and with years of experience, we have earned numerous clients who put their trust in our work and believe in our quality assurance.

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