Illustration tips and techniques

Illustration tips for beginners

There are times when it happens that after finishing your work on illustrator, you encounter the worst of your nightmares- the error message that the file is corrupted. That panic moment is something that you always try to be spared from. Let us have a look on 3 quick tips that can help to have a breath of relief, especially for beginners.

  1. Copy-paste

    This simple technique actually works without any hassles. The condition assuring feasibility of this method is that you have an earlier save with you. Also the error should be simply that you are not allowed to save the document. Just select the entire elements of working document followed by copying and pasting them on to a new document. You can save the work from there. This may not solve issues with corrupted elements but still can be helpful to a great extent.

  2. RAM Upgrade

    Adobe illustrator occupies considerable amount of memory as it is quite heavy, and this is something you must understand. The issues with fixing files may be because of memory restrictions. So, it would be better if you increase the memory of your machine. Also, have a check on the processes and programs running. Close the unnecessary ones and this can give favorable results.

  3. New name to file

    Another solution for the corrupt elements is to save your work using a new file name. This creates a new file as well as fresh occurrence of the formerly corrupted gradients, patterns and fonts.  It is just like turning a system off and then on again

The above mentioned illustration tips for beginners can surely be a great boon for them. Armed by these tips, they can move ahead with more confidence. And also these 3 tips will help professionals offering illustration services.

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