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Importance of live chat support for eCommerce

When it comes to eCommerce business, by the very nature of the industry, it is not just enough to get new customers to buy your products and services. Keeping them retained is also equally important. As a large chunk of the urban populace prefers to shop online now, and as more businesses are trying to test the waters in the eCommerce industry, businesses are put in a situation where competition is stiffer than ever. This has also reduced the margin for error profoundly as errors and compromises can surely lead the customer to your competition straight away.

There is no doubt that the customer service plays a crucial role in retaining the customers especially during the times of stiffer competition. Customer service must be utilized effectively to create an exciting, rewarding and amicable shopping experience for all the customers without fail to ensure that the customers always stay with your brand. As technology has evolved, ecommerce live chat support solutions have become one of the most effective and efficient means to address a range of shopping related issues of the customers.

As you may have experienced yourself, live chat for ecommerce websites allows the users to effectively interact with a shopping assistant or a customer service agent to get all the required support while browsing through an ecommerce website. There is no doubt that such real-time support provided by ecommerce business can help the customers make better and informed decisions helping the business make better returns. There are several studies that prove that most customers prefer live chat for ecommerce websites to other customer service platforms, as live chat is more convenient and timely.

With so many studies proving the importance of ecommerce live chat support, it is time that you also started using it. Even then, if you are on the fence, not able to make the final decision, the following benefits of live chat will certainly impress and bowl you over.

  • Convenience for the shoppers

    As the studies have proven, online chat services for businesses, such as live chat, are more convenient for the people using it. In a business world where customer-experience assumes greater value than everything else, this is a crucial factor to consider chat over so many other options available in the market. As live chats are quick and free of ‘hold-time’—something that all customers ubiquitously love to hate, customers get the issues addressed quickly. It also helps the customer do other bidding while waiting, if need be, which is an exciting thing for any customer.

  • It is economical

    When a business utilizes live chat support for ecommerce business, it can considerably reduce the overall cost of customer service as there is no charge for phone calls. It will also help the business effectively make use of the human resource, as a single agent can take care of multiple customers, something that is not quite possible with other call answering service options.

  • It boosts sales

    Sometimes, a customer might have a range of questions about the product he/she is going to buy. If there is someone who can literally provide all the answers he/she needs while browsing the website, the chances are high the customer will certainly buy the product. This can always happen with an ecommerce help desk support such as chat making it one of the most effective customer service forms.

  • Better customer relations

    Every business understands that it is not enough to create newer customers alone and that an intelligent business must do everything required to retain the existing customers. As such, live chat support services can be effectively used to make the clients feel that the business is genuinely interested in the customer and is offering timely assistance wherever required.

  • The availability of chat history for insights

    As chat histories are available for research and insight generation, businesses can effectively utilize the same for course correction, if the business does not progress as expected. It can also be used to understand where the company is letting the customers down to create corrective measures. This is a unique characteristic to chat as it is extremely difficult to get the real picture of the customer interactions from other ecommerce call center services as they only provide logs of the customer interactions and not the exact conversations.

  • Helps you meet competition

    A major trait of customers is that when they see a good thing in a business, they expect to see it on others too. If they do not see it, it is only natural for them go back to the previous company. This is an important aspect for a business as it can help it edge out the competition for the customers.

    As you are now convinced to make use of live chart for your business, how are you going to ensure that you are getting the best from it as you expect? The following points will help you

  • Great product and service knowledge

    In order to create an effective and excellent chat session, the call center agent must have exceptional understanding about the products, services and the general working of the website. A business must ensure that the agents are adequately trained to support the clients real-time.

  • Incentivize the usage

    If you are integrating chat to your website for the first time, in order to persuade the customers use it, the best way is to incentivize the usage by offering discounts and promo-codes.

  • Always avoid aggression

    When it comes to chat, if you aggressively promote the same, it will surely produce a negative impact on the customers and leave you in a bad shape. As such, it is really crucial that you use refrain while using the same.

  • Impeccable conversation skills

    Every customer wants to interact with a support agent who can make them feel good and cared for. As such, ensure that your representatives are trained to maintain a friendly, amicable and professional tone all the time during the chat.

    In the end, there is no doubt that live chat support is a crucial element that can help your business reach better heights in the niche. As such you must always hire the support from one of the best and experienced customer support service providers for greater service value all the time.

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