motivate your employees in inbound call centers

Tips to motivate call center agents

Well! Being a business involved in providing quality inbound call center services, you know customer satisfaction matters the most. However, taking care of your employees is always equally important because of the simple fact that only if the employees are happy, customers will get the best results.

Keeping your employees motivated paves way for boosted revenues, increased market share as well as free and involuntary word-of-mouth marketing.Some of the factors that motivate your staff are a great working environment, fair treatment and reasonable work objectives.

Below you can find 9 operative ways in which your workforce can be kept motivated.

  1. Make them learn new things and boost their skill levels

    Learning new things can surely motivate your team of customer support executives. You should create a resourceful library stacked with useful but also interesting courses that have the potential to enhance their skills and provide them insights for career planning.

  2. Sort out exceptional agents for developing novel training techniques

    Identify agents who are outstanding and make them plan new training techniques and programs. Being in the shoes of employees, they can come up with great prolific ideas. This can also make them feel valued and thus motivated.

  3. Indulge them also in non-core inbound call center activities

    Doing the same job of providing telephone answering services and customer support every day can make anyone get bored. The staff at your company may also be facing the same issue.

    So, train them to do some back-office jobs at the time of low call volumes. This increases their skills, productivity and pace.

  4. Provide them with interactive training sessions

    You must understand that dealing with customers having varied attitudes is not that easy. It demands a lot of patience and effort to keep calm and explain things, even to the weirdest people.

    So, provide them with an opportunity to put down the phones and attend interactive training sessions that not just deals with inbound call center services tips but a lot more that can add value to their aptitudes.

  5. Respect your workforce-they deserve it

    Conduct periodic surveys for collecting needed feedback from your team. Inquire regarding their comfort level, the impact of new policies and the benefit programs etc. Add color to the workplace. Hang pictures, write motivational quotes and consider their opinion in the decision making processes.

    Armed with the above tips, you will surely see even those employees with eternal frowns start carrying pleasant smiles.

  6. Set Up Plans for Career Development

    Every employee has a career goal and works to achieve it. If they don’t find opportunities for growth in your call center, they will be most likely to feel demotivated to work there. To keep them motivated, you should set up career development plans and reward the excellent performers through promotions and incentives.

    Your employees should know that you really care about them and that you would take appropriate measures to help them grow in their fields.

  7. Solicit Feedback

    Seek feedback from your agents to learn more about your customers. Your agents are in the front line of customer service, so they know your customers very well. Your agents can share powerful insights about your customers with you and they can tell you what actually works to create a loyal customer base.

    Your agents can give you valuable suggestions to address an issue and such suggestions could actually be practical solutions for problems faced by your clients.

  8. Involve your employees in celebrations

    Whenever your employees get professional success, you should recognize him/her. You should celebrate success with him/her and other employees.

    Success should be celebrated by bosses and employees together, which would help them in establishing strong professional bonds with each other.

  9. Reward in Public; Punish in Private

    This is one of the golden rules of human resource management. Your employee will not appreciate it if you shout at him in front of other colleagues.

So discuss with him/her about his/her shortcomings behind closed doors. This would help him work on his loopholes and become a better performer in the future. You should then appreciate how he overcame his shortcomings and did his job successfully.