benefits of live chat for customer service

Chat support process outsourcing

Best customer support in simplest of words is- solving a customer’s problem swiftly and smoothly. This has to be the ultimate goal for any company and this is where you should consider the matchless benefits of chat support.

Different ways are there to provide customer assistance but online chat support is the simplest, fastest and least interfering. Studies reveal that nearly one-third of customers expect online support in the form of chat boxes.

Have a peek on the upsides of outsourcing live chat support services.

Enhanced conversion rates

On demand assistance pleases all categories of customers. The conversion rates thus escalate. It is obvious that before purchasing anything, a majority will prefer contacting a real person. When cleverly pooled with personalized triggers and concurrent guest observing, active conversations can serve as an influential step that can be very operative.

Agent efficiency is increased

As agents are subjected to a working atmosphere where multiple customer chats are to be handled, their efficiency rockets to newer heights. They become adept in resolving multiple issues simultaneously instead of managing one call at a time.  Expert agents engage concurrently on even up to six chats.

Using triggers they can spare repetitive typing. Automatically greeting customers who are on site for a certain time period or sending automated but personal messages based on customer behavior are some operative techniques that can be used.

You team works together as a mutually supportive entity

Agents can share helpful tips with each other while your customers are being served by them. This real-time internal sharing of knowledge assures efficient and quicker resolution of customer issues. In case if you are providing different services or products, triggers can be set up that automatically channelize customers to selected agents specializing in the concerned product or service. This makes the whole process more efficient.

You get better customer insights

The data collected using live chat software can be of great help. You get information like devices, locations and customer behavior. Customer feedback’s and suggestions can be collected. It is an easy, effective and inexpensive way by which you can improve the quality of your customer services.

More marketing opportunities

Personalized attention is appreciated by all types of customers and the one who reaches your website is not an exception to this fact. A service provider can use the opportunity of pushing targeted offers and incentives. More relevant offers can be provided to loyal customers or VIPs.  Techniques like up selling and cross-selling can also be implemented.

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