How to improve performance using live chat support

Live chat is an integral part of customer support services. Since it allows customers to communicate in real-time, it serves as a great medium to build a sustainable customer base. Offering real-time support also helps to increase the satisfaction levels of customers and win their hearts.

Businesses, whether small or large, can equally benefit from live chat support services. In addition to improving the online customer experience, it can help in getting more sales and retaining your customers.

In this article, you will find some of the most effective live chat tips that can improve your customer support as well as online sales.

  1. Add person touch

    One among the basic live chat advantages for a customer is that he gets personalized attention. So, the basic step that has to be taken by any executive handling live chat support is to initiate the exchange of names. Try to communicate positivity; it really helps. You don’t have to be unflinchingly professional in tone.

  2. Stay away from even slightest sarcasm

    Sarcasm can ruin the whole effort and you must avoid it at all costs. In a real business setting, cracking a joke can be helpful for lightening up the whole scenario. But this is not the case with a live chat assistance; chances of misinterpretations are high.

  3. Think from the customer’s point of view

    As a live chat service provider you must get into the shoes of your customers and think from their perspective. The customer needs his queries to be addressed and get out from the communication at the earliest. While trying to assure best possible user experience, you should not take conversion too long unnecessarily.

  4. Answer first, then only proceed with the details

    Picture this:


    A customer approaches you with a concern. Rather than giving a precise answer you start by explaining the causes of it and all probable solutions. Only after that you offer him the actual solution. This will surely irritate a customer.


    After comprehending his issue, you suddenly offer him the needed solution. Then you ask him whether he need any further information. Gauging his interest, you explained him all demanded details. He left satisfied with a great experience.

    Which option is better? Obviously the latter one. You should always keep this in mind.

  5. Reduce the time of response

    A communication channel is ineffective if it is unable to connect with the customers instantly. Besides, people prefer live chat because of the immediate response.

    So, if your live chat agents are unable to keep the response time to a minimum, your customer service is not going to improve. To lower the response time, you can carry out the following.

    • Try responding to the customers within 60 seconds.
    • Invest in a customer service chatbot to collect customer information and manage FAQs.
  6. Record your live chat conversations

    Recording the live chat can help you monitor how your customer service agents are performing. Also, you will get a better understanding of your customer needs. Once you have gained the insights, you can use them to improve your customer engagement strategy.

    However, before recording the conservations, ask your customers whether they are okay with it. You must mention the reason why you are doing this. Also, make sure your agents are patient, polite, and are actively listening to your customer’s problems.

  7. Grammar and Spelling must be exceptional

    For any live chat service provider, mastering grammar and spelling is very crucial. It is in no way similar to text message or social media chatting. You are a business entity representing the concerned brand. So, staying away from errors while chatting is obligatory to assure professionalism.

  8. Employ co-browsing tools

    The co-browsing tools can help in connecting with your customers in real-time and assist them with any difficulties. Let’ say, they are having trouble filling up an application form. With co-browsing sessions, you can control their screen and help them with the process.

    Co-browsing solutions also aid in identifying their problem faster and offering solutions in the first go. This will impress your customers and will make them loyal to your brand.

  9. Offer live chat scripts to your agents

    A well-crafted script can help your agents to deal with customer queries. They can use it to provide prompt replies and handle communications more efficiently.

    With chat transcripts, they can answer the questions more confidently. They can also maintain a proper tone during the conversation so that your customers have a good experience with your brand.

  10. Keep an option for video chat

    Along with live chat, also keep the option for video chatting. So, in case your customers are still unable to get the solution, they can opt for video chat and communicate with your agents.

    However, make sure that you train your customer service reps to maintain a friendly interaction with them. This will keep them at ease and help them open up about the issues. Besides, personalized conversations can also result in building trust and loyalty.

    Communication is the key to achieving a long-lasting relationship with customers. And, that can be achieved with live chat. So, make sure you use the tips mentioned in this article and make your live chats more effective. Also, ensure that your live chat representatives are properly trained to engage your customers.