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List of logo design software

Most of the artists providing logo services would have certain tools that they use in every project they undertake. Because of some unknown reasons, it would be pretty difficult for them to work without these tools. So, designing tools are doubtlessly of immense significance.

Let us discuss a few tools that will get more exposure.


If you have been trying to get an affordable alternative for Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr would be the tool that you want to get hold of. Pixlr can even open PSD files and it will also help you retain all the original layers which will be of great help for any company that provides custom logo design services.

An important ingredient of the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Illustrator is considered the best graphic design program available in the market, now. With oodles of features, creative options, and matchless features, the program will help you have incredible control over your designs.

With the following features, Illustrator makes the process of designing effortless and focused;

  • The Pixel Grid gives the designer plenty of room to align the objects perfectly.
  • It also has enough brushes, shape-building and various path controlling tools that give you the required freedom to come up with any kind of design you have in mind.
  • With the help of Perspective Grids, the feeling of realistic distance and depth can be achieved in any design.
  • Another effective tool that can come handy is the Gradients. It is really effective when colorations are to be used in the design.

Having as many extensive tools as it has, it can be a challenging prospect for most beginners to use. As such, it is only befitting that, if you have only started your career in graphic design, you leverage other programs to hone your skills first.


With its impeccable speed and effortlessness, Logaster is preferred by many designers who want quick solutions to their projects. You can enter the business details, the company name and the industry your business operates in, the tool will suggest a range of logos with diverse designs, colorations, fonts, and iconographies.

What makes this program one of the best logo design software programs is that it offers plenty of options to customize the design with limitless options for colorations and layouts.

Though the program is able to offer a quick solution to your logo requirements, on the flipside, the logos created by the same tend to look unprofessional and ordinary. However, if you have enough time, efforts and money to spend on the same, other logo designing tools can be a better option for you.

Tailor Brands

If you need a logo with the minimal design that conveys the right message, you may not find a better option than Tailor Brands. It is capable of offering you with a pretty extensive library of logos.

What makes Tailor Brands different from the rest of the similar programs is that it asks the user plenty of questions to create the best logo possible. It wants to know about the font style, the stylistic choices and the overall aesthetic of the logo based on the type of logo one needs. Based on the responses, it creates various types of logos from which the best one can be selected for the brand.

Another reason to use the program is that the templates of the program look professional and original with tailor-made fonts and stunning colorations. After purchasing the logo, you also have the option to edit and customize the same.

For many who have no design experience but want professional templates, this program is the ideal option. However, if you need little sophisticated and auteur-made logos, then you are better off with a more advanced program such as Adobe Illustrator etc.


One of the most preferred logo makers, this program not only offers convenience but also a range of advanced designing capabilities seen only in some of the best-designing programs in the market.

The program, based on the industry that you operate in and the name of your company, creates befitting logos. After the logo has been created, you can work on the same making it more professional and aesthetic. While working this program can fall on the easier part for most designers, if you are new to the design world, this program can cause you some trouble as these are not templates.

Along with offering quick logo creation opportunities, GraphicSpringsoffers a range of effective logo design tools making it quite the program to add to your logo design infrastructure.

Squarespace Logo Maker

The Squarespace logo maker is another simple option for those with limited design skills and time. It gives you a range of options to drag-and-drop options with the editors for both images and texts.

You can also customize the icons and fonts used giving it different colorations, styles, shapes and a unique aesthetic feeling altogether.

However, the customization options are limited with this one as they are only available with icons and texts. One of the advantages making the program a go-to option for upcoming designers is that it gives affordable logs in no time.


If you are looking for ways to create logos quickly, then look no further than Logomaker. With the help of this logo creation tool online, even those with no design experience can create excellent logos that can impress everyone.

The program boasts of a plethora of icons and images in its library created by various designers.

On the flipside, Logomaker has limited options for customization without having various options to change the basic template design.

Logo Design Studio Pro

If you are looking to get an impressive logo without wanting to spend too much, this is the option you have left with. Taking advantage of vector tools and graphics, the program will let you resize your logo to any measurement without ever losing the quality or sharpness of the logo.

The program also has an extensive library of over 6000 vector images, graphics, shapes, and fonts along with over 2000 designs that can be customized.

As an added advantage, you can also find various special effects options, as well.

While this can be an impressive tool for many to create logos, it is limited by its own features. As such, it cannot rival the robustness and scalability of premium logo design tools such as Illustrator etc.


If you are looking to create simple logos in no time, this is perhaps one of the best options in the market right now. It has a series of preset fonts and icons. It offers plenty of drag-and-drop options to add texts and images. It will also help you resize the images, flip the same and resize it for better logo aesthetics.

However, you may not find any special effects on the software and the number of icons that can be used for one logo is limited to one.

If you want a basic logo that looks clean and sleek without spending much money, you can definitely go for this tool. You will definitely be able to get better logos with this tool at a reasonable price many times better than what a free logo maker online can offer.


Apart from offering you options to create logos from inputs such as your color preference, the name of the business and its industry, this tool also has the ability to create logos off your own sketches as well. The logos created with this program will definitely look professional and unique with a character that goes in tandem with your brand.

You also have plenty of options that can be used to customize the elements used on the logo as well.

The program is affordable and does not take away much of your time. It is also affordable for everyone. Perhaps, it is also one of the better tools available for a beginner to create tools as it offers plenty of options than any free logo design software program can offer.

Laughingbird Logo Creator

With around 200 templates and numerous graphic elements, the tool makes it pretty much easy to create unique logos by supporting you with everything to make your idea come into life. The tools make it pretty easy to drop graphical elements swiftly on the canvas making you deliver faster designs.

All these tools will help custom creative logo design services providers in India to assure impeccable and creative outputs that exceed customer expectations.

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