Online customer support tips

Tips to improve online customer support

Every business will have encountered issues because of customer complaints. This is obviously disappointing and frustrating. But you must remember that solving the issues faced by your clienteles make them loyal and helps your business to grow. Complaints resolution through online customer support is an art and these 5 steps help you to master the same.

  1. Greet

    Start by greeting your clients. When you respond via phone or via mail, make them feel that they are valued and you are happy in the conversation. Maintain a friendly tone and keep them comfortable.

  2. Listen

    Be patient and listen to them even if you have received calls or mails about the same complaint many times earlier in the day. Don’t interrupt in between and listen fully. A customer always anticipates attention and will appreciate if you respect the fact.

  3. Ask Questions

    After understanding the issues, ask questions genuinely and assure that you too are concerned. Through these questions collect maximum information and expand your question allowing the concerned person to explain his problem in detail. This is a golden rule that most of the professional companies offering live email support services follow.

  4. Empathize

    Agree with your customer at a possible point where you are able to find any common ground.  This is to convince the complainer that you have heard and comprehended the issue faced by them. When it is via email customer services, choose words wisely as you can’t modulate your voice or change the tone as in case of a verbal conversation.

  5. Address the Issue

    After that you should do everything feasible to solve the problem. Rather than explaining the theoretical aspects, educate them to resolve the actual practical aspects.  Represent your organization and take responsibility.

Always remember that when a complainer gets his problem solved easily and within a shorter time period, he will be really satisfied and easily become loyal.