how to use a virtual assistant

Virtual personal assistant tasks

There are certain non-core activities which require constant attention but certainly not that of the entrepreneur himself. Drastic technological advancements have helped businesses in innumerable ways. You can now rely on a professional assistant for carrying out your back office works from a distant location.  Here lie some popular responsibilities that businesses normally set apart for their virtual associates to handle.

  1. Transcription works

    Virtual assistant personal tasks include transcription and they can be far more efficient and dependable than office staff when it comes to conversion of podcasts and videos. They create text versions from these files within no time. A decade ago, these tasks were accomplished by none other but the ones who set up the business or an associate who worked in-house.

  2. Blog posting and social media blog management

    Things to outsource to a virtual assistant includes blog posting and handling of social content. They can also maintain social media activity such as updating status, moderating comments and managing the calendar content in social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Search Engine Optimization

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a must for businesses to thrive in the online world. Although quality content is available, the existence of keywords is mandatory for websites to stay in top of the search results. Many more activities are involved; it’s not just about the content. You can get aid from an SEO specialist who can assist you remotely. She/he can maintain link building, bookmarking and keep the website updated. It is one of the prime tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant.

  4. Data Mining

    Email sales and follow up are important to keep customers actively interested in your business. Newer versions of your service and product upgrades should reach your customer within no time after release but it is tough for businessmen to devote time and run after it. Save big time, effort and your business by employing a simulated personal staff who can easily handle these jobs without worrying about business development.

  5. Data Entry

    Only professional hands like that of a remote individual subordinate can help business entities with the job of entering huge amounts of data into spreadsheets or word documents within no time. Even if the duty may look simple and hassle-free, you need to outsource to VA for assuring flawless results.

  6. Calendar and project management

    Virtual personal assistants can ease the job of managing business schedules by managing calendars. Jobs that are set up for a particular day can easily be tracked with their help. Higher level of support includes project management. Those who are experienced enough know the importance of handling live projects.

    Outsourcing tasks that can be handled online doubtlessly helps business owners to find more time to engage in their main business activities. If you are able to find an expert capable of providing excellent virtual assistant services, your business is tightly tied to the secure stone. Also read here some best way to use a virtual assistant and get benefited.