top illustration trends and Styles

Illustration trends and styles

Illustrations always stay in a state of flux to cater suitably to the needs of changing dynamics of creative landscape. It is not desirable to indiscriminately follow a trend in such a scenario. However, you need to keep an eye on the latest illustration trends that are dominating the graphic industry so as to choose the one that optimally complements your venture. If you are a dilettante or someone who is not an active member of the illustration community, you can still lay your hands on superlative graphics at minimal costs without any royalty strings attached by visiting top notch image sites.

The trending illustration styles that are characterized by the respective industry are being discussed below.

  1. Minimalistic designs with flat textures

    Minimalistic designs with flat textures

    In 2010 and subsequent years, illustrators have shown unprecedented affinity for flat and minimalist illustrations. The tempo has been sustained with progressive number of vector arts that have all the constituting pixels coherently matched and which are not glitzy in appearance. The motivation for other upcoming and existing artists has been renowned illustrators such as Mallika Favre, Anna Kovecses, and Sergio Membrillas who have taken the flat design stage by storm with unique and awe-inspiring works. The focus of these new generation artists has been to reduce and subtract redundant parts from the image. With such attempts, they are developing designs that have cross cultural and multi-linguistic appeal. The theme of the illustration gets conveyed in lucid manner. Industry pundits have predicted that the craze for flat designs won’t fade in coming future as high-resolution mobility devices are making steady inroads among people of all demographic and socio-graphic backdrops.

  2. Abstracts influenced by eastern spiritualism

    Abstracts influenced by eastern spiritualism

    As 2016 was drawing to a close, prevailing illustration techniques and styles were fast become obsolete and new concepts were taking root. The illustrative patterns increasingly started becoming laid back with the tranquility and transcendence of spiritual ideas quite visible. Images and patterns like ornamented circular shapes are spiritually motivated. The new illustration design trends are categorized under ‘Zen’ pattern wherein ideologies of Buddhist, Hinduism, and other religions have dominant impact on the way ideas are illustrated. Such philosophical imagery offers comfort to a disconsolate world torn apart by gory wars and other rifts.

  3. Geometrical patterns drawn with hand

    Geometrical patterns drawn with hand

    Geometry has fascinated mankind, particularly creative artists offering inventive graphic design services, from yore. Eclectic patterns have served as a way for giving vent to the creative energies in illustrators. In the last decade, there has been significant popularity surge in geometrical patterns. However, the patterns have shifted from stoic, digitally mastered vector drawings to hand crafted elegant designs with softness of style clearly apparent in 2017. The textures seamlessly merge into each other. The patterns are heavily inclined towards mathematically motivated shapes and incorporate the beauty and charm of classic paintings. The drawings are bound to make a spark appear in your eyes. The images have a surreal appeal to them and are allure the onlooker.

  4. Tattooed artistic expressions

    Tattooed artistic expressions

    Ever since tattoos were considered as a part of the fashion illustration trends, they are found everywhere. They have captured the fancy of modern generation and are present on various body parts of almost all younger people. The mainstream craze is gradually motivating artists offering illustration design services to give more refinement to their ways of expression by fine tuning the subtleties of images. Beauty has found a new dimension through this illustrative art. Renowned creative artists are heavily being influenced by the novelty of this genre. Illustrators like Ollie Munden, Shawn Barber, Tim Lehi and Elena Gumeniuk are giving vent to their innate talent through this vibrant blend of conventional art with tattoos. 

  5. Icon based illustrations

    Icon based illustrations

    The original icons that were tiny in appearance and consisted of a handful of pixels have now gained in stature, thanks to the creative power of modern age illustrators. The growing popularity of icons for custom illustration design in present times can be attributed to the depth of vision provided by higher resolutions. Smartphones and other handheld devices with smaller screen sizes also allow smaller illustrations to be displayed in full brilliance, courtesy the higher resolutions that characterize their display units. Icon inspired graphics are sophisticated in nature, have heavy dosage of vibrant and eclectic colours, and are pleasantly complex in spirit. However, the undertone of the icon has not been compromised and the illustrations have proved to be powerful tools for communicating ideas in easy to comprehend manner.

  6. Illustrations through multi-level exposure

    Illustrations through multi-level exposure

    Since ancient times, creative artists have borrowed ideas from contemporaries and given them a new perspective. This multi-discipline approach exists even today and illustrative dynamics has benefited significantly from the same. The ‘multiple exposures’ concept that has taken photography to newer heights is now breathing a new lease of life in artworks also. In fact, this borrowed concept has snuggled itself among the thought patterns of creative illustration artists in relatively quicker time. In 2017, such multiple exposure illustrations have emerged as a dominating trend. The illustrations are prepared in collage mode with the nuances dissolving into each other in seamless manner. The onlooker, as soon as his/ her eyes meet the art, immediately is swept by a wave of emotions. The engaging patterns are visually stimulating. Such graphics influence the emotive quotient in viewers pretty well.

  7. Vividness of colours

    Vividness of colours

    In 2017, the fragmented world is looking towards more colours to enrich the darker shades that have overcome it. Variegated hues and warm colours are also making fast in-roads in the world of illustrations. The creative themes manifest themselves through the creative works of eminent artists like Sebastian Curi, Jack Sachs and NejcPrah. The cheerful and radiant hues serve to immediately lift the viewers’ drooping spirits by transferring an instant energy boost in them. The colourful illustrations are versatile in approach and can be used on all platforms with equal grace.

The aforesaid trends are reigning the illustration landscape and have succeeded in capturing the imaginations of artists in graphic design companies and public equally well in 2020. Just borrow them and blend with your ideas to make your graphics stand tall and apart from other cookie cutter ones. Your illustration is bound to grab the appreciative eyeballs of public and this is what prospects look for when then outsource illustration services to you.