3D Modelling tips and tricks that are really worthy to practice

Autodesk Maya is the defacto standard when it comes to modeling objects for games and high quality movies. Below mentioned are few of those tools, tips and techniques that can be of great help for those in the niche of 3D modeling.

Tips for 3D modeling
3D modeling tips and tricks

Geometry and texture

One of the features tools of Maya is the Texture to Geometry tool which allows modelers to create a base mesh. You can start off by creating a plane with the same aspect ratio as the image that is projected. Once a texture is assigned to a plane, plane geometry can be selected and modified by using Modify, Convert and Texture to Geometry. An input image can then be selected and applied.

Quads for design

Considered as one of the basic 3d modeling tips for beginners, the use of quads for subdivision offers seamless interaction with the object. You can use triangles but stay away from N-gons. Predictable nature and easier access to enveloping while skinning makes quads a preferable choice among modelers.

Viewport interaction

Backface Culling has to be turned on in your Shading options if you want to import a million geometric shapes at the same time. A cluttered viewport will try to bring all of them in at the same time making it lag back for a moment.

Anatomy inspection

Realistic and animated characters require proper movement of facial bones and muscles. It is therefore necessary for modelers to have thorough understanding of how movement takes place in facial muscles. It is imperative to have an idea of the character and its internal movement.

Complex modeling

Minimum number of polygons which provide maximum detail ensures that complicated models are easier to design and interact with. Boolean tools can also help in creating complex looking models in an easy and creative manner.

Repetitive modeling

One of the most appreciated 3d modeling tips and tricks in Maya is to get a repetitive shape to use the Animation Snapshot command. It is available under the “Animate”menu. A piece of geometry which is travelling along a motion path will create a duplicate copy of model every frame. Chain modeling like street lights and city street networks are good areas where this can be applied.

Mesh retopologizing

If you are considering a mesh retopologization, then look no further than Create Polygon Tool. It helps to draw a shaded part over the top of the high resolution image to create a lower resolution one. It is one of the featured Autodesk Maya modeling tips.

It is better if you can follow these tips to save your valuable time and effort. A wide plethora of professional designers are available who offer 3d services which include modeling and animation. But the thing you should always remember is that only a few are capable of sticking to highest standards and apex creativity. So, carry out an extensive market study and inquire properly before closing a deal.


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