4 simple photo editors for real estate dealers

Microsoft does have an inbuilt tool named Paint but those who have used it very well know that it is too simple to be used frequently; a lot of limitations are there. You can’t work with it for getting professional outputs. At the same time relying on a complex tool like Adobe Photoshop will ruin hours of amateur property dealers who need quick results without too much of effort. Here we do a quick review of some tools which are really useful and feature-rich for enabling smooth, professional and quick editing.

Photoshop Express

photoshop express


If a full blown version of Photoshop is not what you are looking for, perhaps a pill from the bottle will surely help you to serve the exact purpose. Photoshop Express is an online version which is light and feature packed. There are flexible options for enthusiastic users as well. You will have all the basic and every necessary feature.


pixlr editor

If Paint had tried to imitate Photoshop to an extent, then Pixlr would be the result. It is a beautifully composed tool with necessary color adjustment options and an intuitive web app product range which works seamlessly with any browser. Since it is a web application, you need not worry about installation and other parameters.



Collage builder is a resilient feature which is packed into IPICCY which makes the tool a comprehensive one among the agents. It is one of the favoured real estate photo editing tools due to action packed features and its light weight. You can easily create collages with the tool and share them on social networks like integral which helps to serve as an advertisement for property. A lot of professional companies also recommended IPICCY.



PicMonkey is simple and easy to use. It is actually more than enough for amateur photo editors who want to showcase real estate images among the public. They just need to transform the image and give it a better attire. It is ad supported and allows cool alterations to images.

All of the above said require only a desktop and internet accessibility since they work on almost all the browsers. Though there are not any exclusive real estate photo editing companies, you can confidently depend on professional graphic designing or photo editing companies to create stunning effects.However, be careful while selecting your service provider.