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WinBizSolutions is a company with impeccable degree of aptitude in call center outsourcing services provision.

When competitions increase, the success any business acquires depends mainly on the timely decisions it make. Attaining customer satisfaction through communication is imperative. This is where these services have important role to play. Happy customers not only remain loyal but they also endorses you thus serving as mobile marketers for your business. Above all assuring unmatched quality customer assistance augments your brand image. Benefits of call center outsourcing services include high ROI, savings on cost and resources and access to highly skilled professionals

Why should you outsource call center services to India?

  • By outsourcing these requirements to call center service providers in India, you can enjoy great quality facilities.
  • You can save labour costs as well as technological, infrastructural and operational costs.
  • Your profits will reach new heights owing to increase in performance, productivity and thus overall quality.
  • Skilled and highly trained resources assure that you get your work with utmost perfection.
  • Planned execution and resourcefulness enables Indian companies to deliver work within the deadline.
  • The multilingual experts here serve you with ease regardless of your customer’s geographical location.

Enjoy the following provisions from our company

Inbound call center services

We have experience in a wide variety of industries and hence we guarantee exceptional class of inbound services. Proper customer support is crucial and we understand the fact. Owing to the same, we maintain utmost professionalism in all our provisions including query handling, order reception, cross-selling and upselling, ticketing, tech support and everything.

Outbound services

Initiating calls and managing incoming calls are entirely different affairs. Outbound services offered by us are properly strategized to gauge customer cooperation and tweak processes on real-time basis accordingly. Our technically prudent and qualified people do everything possible to fetch you the best results through every call initiated, whether it’s for telemarketing and lead generation, appointment setting, customer surveys or mere follow-ups.

Email support

Writing quality mails in tone that pleases customers is a skills and we have mastered it. Our people use polite, proper and professional language in minimum words that addresses to customer concerns in shortest of words but comprehensively. We solve technical glitches, market your products and send occasional offers etc. in appropriate wordings that pull customers closer to your brand.

Chat support

Live chart support with virtually no waiting time is what we always try to achieve. We have separate teams to handle technical and non-technical concerns and there are proper software tolls in place to divert calls to the best person capable of dealing with a situation in our team. A frustrated customer is a customer almost lost and we never let that happen through our supreme quality chat support services.


With our CATI services, you get best results and market insights with great level of accuracy.  Our professionals abide by the script but are skilful enough to collect you all needed information in most palpable manner through tactic conversations. All the responses generated are shrewdly recorded and updated reports are sent as per the discretion of client.

Virtual assistant support

We have virtual assistant support provisions for all creative and technical sectors. Our team of VAs serve as you own extended team working you at a remote location. Adequate level of transparency is guaranteed. Professionals with us are experienced and they are trained regularly on all concerned matters of relevance for your business.

Multilingual call center services

Whatever geographical location your business is expanding or to whichever target people you are focussing on, we have linguistic experts in varied languages. They are not just good communicators but are also well aware of the cultural inclinations of the concerned locations. We offer multilingual support for almost all global languages.

We are among the best customer support provider you could ever get!

When the market is brimmed with a superfluity of options, we stay ahead to be the most sought out choice by setting an elevated standard in all facets of business.

  • You get all-encompassing offshoring solutions from us; our provisions cover the whole facets involved.
  • We provide solutions that are customized based on your explicit requirements.
  • We are fortified with exceptionally talented and periodically trained professionals.
  • Workforce here is backed by great infrastructure, latest software and highly sophisticated technologies.
  • Our way of operations assure improved promotions, increased conversion rates and more sales.
  • We are available24/7, in all time zones which virtually means your business always stay alive and active.
  • Live call tracing for phone answering services and recording is done by high quality assurance team.

Our contact center solutions encompass various domains including eCommerce, retail, real estate, software and more. Our contact center services act as a boon for small businesses with its efficiency of support as well as most affordable pricing.

Our solutions are availed and endorsed by clients across the globe be it in USA, UK, Australia , New Zealand, Canada , UAE, Singapore, South Africa ,Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Philippines and more.

Need help ?Let us be your voice. See your business grow smarter and better.