Photo editing and retouching project security

WinBizSolutions admires the importance of safeguarding proprietary information for maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

We have instituted top-notch project security procedures and data security policies for protecting our clients’ info such as

  • Generic information and details about ancillary processes
  • Intellectual data
  • Other sensitive and confidential info
We ensure that photo editing project’s integrity is not violated by

  • Subjecting each photo editor on our panel to rigorous background checking
  • Making each team member sign on Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Conducting thorough regular evaluation of the transmission and storage media’s failsafe properties

We make your outsourcing venture rewarding through our stringent data security methods

We empower each corporate entity to extract optimum mileage from outsourcing projects to us by leveraging security policies maximally.
Our security practices when it comes to outsourcing photo editing essentially focus on

Fool-proof encryption

All our digital assets are protected through undecipherable encryption algorithms that block any intrusion to our files or e-communications.

Robust Backup

Dedicated servers housed in impregnable security zones are deployed for backing up data. Any inadvertent exchange of confidential info is ruled out through complete deletion of client data once project is completed.

Information purging

Once the photo clipping, editing or enhancement project is completed with satisfaction report being delivered by client, we remove all traces of project related info and hand over source files to client.

Access control

Source files of a client can be manipulated only by authorized team personnel and the credentials of employees who are entrusted with a file are thoroughly verified. Intra-departmental sharing is carried out, but inter-departmental info exchange is not done. If needed, only cropped part of the relevant info is shared.

All our intra-departmental information exchanges are scrupulously monitored to prevent any illegal or unethical access. Smart cards have been issued to employees and network logins have been password protected as part of our authentication drive. Each email is electronically signed to close route for any information vulnerability.

Network access control

Highly encrypted VPN channel

Closely monitored network operations

Top notch VPN tunnel for remote access control

Internationally acclaimed network scrutinizers for 24X7 scanning

Firewall for regulating operation of file transfer protocol, TCP/IP, Internet Control Message Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, and organization wide http ports

Smart network switches to manage security, sustain performance and limit granular rate

Internal systems’ security

State of the art security protocols is employed for securing informational assets. Security for photo enhancement projects is bolstered with:

Round the clock monitoring of workstations and digital media

Periodic audits encompassing the entire information architecture

Regularly updated Antivirus software installed on all systems

Restriction on use of removable data sharing media like pen drives

Backing up procedures well-defined for all PCs

Email and other information exchanges controlled through secure protocols

Images and project related information accessible only to concerned managers and teammates.

Thorough encryption for data servers and backup devices

Entrust us with your photo editing projects

We have evolved among the most trusted and reliable outsourcing partner for clients of all sorts requiring image editing services due to our felt concern for security of sensitive information. Our responsibility is not limited to developing projects but to ensure that the competitive edge of our clients does not wear away due to deliberate or unintentional security breaches.

Our conscious efforts to implement information security of the highest type have won us the acclaim and trust of clients. We have a glorious track record and none of our clients have suffered any corporate disadvantage due to information leak.

Ally with us now and have your strategic photo editing requirements optimally fulfilled.

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