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Video marketing has penetrated deep into the real estate industry. Today, most of the developers are pairing up with real estate video editing companies to get a professional hand in developing these videos. Video marketing is an effective weapon to attract customers amid stiff competition in the industry. Homebuyers lookout for highly detailed visuals of the properties that are about to buy. The real estate developers come up with these videos, with the proposed design plans of the structures. Real estate videos serve as a powerful marketing tool, as these enable the potential buyers to get a comprehensive detail of the property. It is wise to outsource real estate video editing services for real estate to an established service provider so that you can showcase the upcoming projects to your clients.

At WinBizSolutions, we develop highly detailed real estate videos for real estate companies and carry out the necessary edits. Our experts have been in the industry for long and carry an extensive experience in editing real estate videos. They polish the videos to give them a professional look, enhancing the impact upon the customers.

Range of real estate video editing services we offer

We have been expanding our range of real estate video editing services, tailoring them according to the needs of our clients. Have a look at the different types of video editing services we deliver.

  • Basic editing of real estate videos

    Our video editors are comfortable with working with any type of real estate video, available in various formats, including AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV and so on. They carry out the basic edits in these images, including merging the clip shots, removing unwanted clips, stabilizing videos that are shaky and sequencing the shots. The experts working with us are well-versed with the latest versions of video editing software and integrate the necessary changes in these visuals.

  • Enhancements in real estate videos 

    You may want the real estate videos to be integrated with various multimedia elements. These include subtitles, transitions, sound, voice-overs, music, animations and so on. This enhances the impact of the videos to a great extent. This enables you to convey the message to the target group easily.

  • 360-degree virtual tour creation 

    If you need a professional hand for creating 360-degree virtual tours, you can approach us with your requirements. We can develop these videos by stitching the images together with a number of clips. You can get the 2D videos converted to 3D ones, using this method. This will give a complete view of the project to the homebuyers. Our experts ensure high quality in the project, which gives it a real-life look.

  • Adding various effects to real estate videos 

    Adding various effects to real estate videos make them looks more appealing. Our experts can assess the impact of these visuals and integrate the effects in a well-calculated manner. This includes making color adjustments and corrections, adjusting the sharpness of the image, tilting, noise removal from the background, adding 2D and 3D effects, upscaling the videos, making adjustments in the sound and correcting defective pixilation. We upgrade the technology from time to time, ensuring that the right mix of technology and skills result in highly impactful videos.

Besides editing traditional real estate videos, we also edit the real estate photos. A skillful edit can turn these visuals into powerful tools for marketing.

Why do you need real estate video editing services from us?

Technology has largely been shaping the constriction and marketing processes in the real estate industry over the years. Architects, designers, engineers, and developers need high-quality real estate videos for better collaboration over their projects. At the same time, they need these videos to highlight particular aspects of the proposed plans to potential customers. The real estate owners, agents, brokers, and realtors collaborate with leading companies for video editing services. We bring you a wide range of services, including basic real estate video editing, real estate video enhancements and much more.

We have been working with both established real estate companies and new players in the industry over the years. Our services are scalable and the experts working on our platform ensure a swift delivery of the services. In case you need the real estate videos to be edited in quick time, simply get across to us.

Stages of our real estate video editing process

We carry out the necessary edits in the real estate videos according to the requirements of the clients. You can provide us with specific requirements while editing these images. This will enable the experts to customize the video according to your needs. Our video editing process involves four stages.

  • Firstly, you need to upload the raw footage through VPN or FTP. You can upload the video in any format.
  • Our experts edit the video, adhering to the instructions provided by the client. We focus on the minute details while editing these videos, ensuring that they convey the intended information to the viewers.
  • We share the video with our clients and seek their recommendations. Based on the feedback, our video editors incorporate the necessary changes.
  • The editors further integrate the edits, as required in the video and deliver the final version of the video in the requested format.

Outsource your real estate video editing services to us

If you are seeking a dedicated platform for real estate video editing services, feel free to approach us. Our experienced team of video editors are well-versed with the latest software used to edit these visuals. Besides, they keep themselves updated to new techniques of editing these videos. We customize the services as per the requirements of our clients. Our pricing policy is scalable, ensuring utmost compatibility with the financial resources of our clients.

We maintain the secrecy of data of our clients and deliver the projects in quick time. A fruitful collaboration with us will strengthen your real estate video marketing process and deliver you greater returns on your investment. Get across to us for a cost-effective solution for your real estate video editing requirements. Our assistance can leverage your marketing strategy, increasing the sales.

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