What is CATI

Advantages of CATI interviewing

Since CATI started serving the purpose of market research, it has experienced continual growth. It has kept on thriving in course of time to meet the evolving demands of businesses worldwide.

For any business to stay competitive, data precision is pivotal when it comes to the collection of information via market research. Any inaccuracy means useless data and this paves way to increase in costs and low quality operations. CATI market research alleviates the said issues. Fortified with the perfect mix of accuracy, quality and technology, it helps businesses to acquire the needed information with least or no hassles at all.

Now, let us see what all are the essential factors vital for the successful operations of CATI research companies.

  • Questionnaire

    The questionnaire must be well-drafted after a careful scrutinizing process. This is important because only a properly planned draft will help in obtaining most useful and reliable insights from the prospects. An ideal questionnaire contains accurate information along with other reflexive queries related to other key questions. It should be capable of distinguishing the difference between actual facts and customer views.

  • Interviewer

    A skilled interviewer will only serve the purpose. He should be polite and at the same time be constantly engaged in the conversation without being prejudiced or partial. Such professionals get the most impartial, comprehensive and precise report for you. Experienced interviewer would also adequately equipped with right Computer assisted telephone interviewing tricks.

  • Flexibility Timing

    You should leverage the facility of flexibility offered by CATI interviewing. The process is never restricted by any constraints such as website, location or time. You can conduct it anywhere via any means at a time comfortable to the customers.

While implementing CATI solutions, you have to make the best use of knowledge and transparency it offers in most professional manner so as to obtain the exact information required. This computer aided method bestows a great rational intricacy to the whole process.

The results can easily be accessed when the information is transferred to main server. Thus multimedia features like music files or pictures can be integrated with ease. Even if many other means are being developed a typical CATI call center provides assistance to hundreds of businesses worldwide. CATI is even today regarded as the base of Market Research domain that provides unbiased and accurate information to businesses based on which they can plan their future processes.

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