Earlier, onshore call centers were extensively employed by companies. It’s because offshore call centers miserably failed to serve customers with regard to their expectations, performance, and efficiency. It is also one of the reasons why it received a huge backlash from different countries. However, things have changed a lot with the advancements of new technologies.

Today, companies offering professional call center services are ruling the business world.  Both onshore and offshore outsourcing has proved to be very useful owing to affordability and technical acumen. Now, businesses are cashing on success by relying on these contact centers.

Let’s find out the difference between onshore and offshore call centers. In other words, how domestic and offshore services are important to a company. Learn about both and decide which one will suit your business the most.

offshore vs onshore contact centers

Difference between offshore and onshore call centers

Offshore Call Center

An offshore call center is one that is located in other countries. Countries that are developing including India, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, and Latin America often offer offshore call center services to western countries. The developed nations find it feasible to depend on the cost-effective services offered by these contact centers. They are usually opted for:

  • Sales or customer Lead Generation with a huge list of targets
  • A large volume of incoming customer support
  • Functions relating to back-office such as Chat, Online Research, and Transcription
  • Functions which include low-margin goods or services

Onshore Call Center

An onshore call center is one that is based within the same country. The call center might be located either in the same area or in different states. Countries that are already developed like UK, USA, Germany, and Australia often use the onshore services with regard to:

  • Lead Generation or B2B Sales that has a limited database
  • The inbound support has great value
  • Less number of outbound or inbound
  • Functions which include high-margin goods or services

Benefits of Offshore Call Center

An offshore contact center has a number of advantages. Here, we have selected some of the best benefits:

  • Cost saving factor

    Since the workforce and non-labor expenses are substantially reduced, an offshore call center thereby is a more preferred choice. Outsourcing offshore call center services make sure that the burden of investment stays minimal.

  • Devoid of language barriers

    It is very essential for a business to have a bilingual call center service. It helps in establishing a great understanding with customers having varied cultural backgrounds. There will be a clear exchange of communications without any language barriers, especially while dealing with someone in the executive position.

  • Free from management tangle

    By engaging a call center there is no doubt about dealing with the employees in the management of an organization.  A call center has the competency to work efficiently even with less number of agents. Thus, one doesn’t have to go through tireless recruitment or training procedures, or even sacking someone or fixing an appointment with the contact center experts. Working one-on-one with the manager is the only route that is best affirmed.

  • Comprehensive choice of services

    The call centers in India are highly proficient in handling a wide range of outbound and inbound services that can be easily customized to match one’s specific needs.

  • Cutting down staffing problems

    The outsourcing team is capable of handling every aspect of staffing, including recruiting, training, supervising a call center agents’ team as well as scheduling with them. By taking care of these functions, one can simply save time, investment, and lots of effort.

  • Well experienced

    Call centers in India have remarkable experience and expertise to deal with various kinds of customers, coming from various industries and having different types of procedures. This makes them a step ahead of other players in terms of providing solutions via an offshore call center.

  • Less pressure

    One can easily cut down the work pressures by outsourcing call center services. There will be an easy flow of work with fewer constraints. The contact center agents are quite capable of handling the large volume of calls and are highly supportive to ease your workload.

  • Round the clock assistance

    The call centers are meant for providing help 24/7 which makes any company seek assistance at any given time of the day or night. This means help-at-hand throughout the year round is guaranteed.

Advantages of Onshore Call Center

Below you will find the advantages of an onshore call center for a company.

  • Eliminates language barrier

With English being the universal language, contact centers mostly lookup for English-speaking call center agents, whether it is for outbound call center services or inbound call answering services. An onshore contact center has the advantage of engaging those who are natives of English countries or are fluent in the language.

  • More Business Control

A contact center located on the mainland is more beneficial with management practices and hands-on training. Businesses can engage with the call center reps directly and visit them in person. This enables them to gain more control over the quality of services offered.

  • Safety of personal information

Consumers who are concerned about safeguarding their personal data will be keener to share information with an onshore call center. This involves the contact center agents requesting consumers for their credit card particulars and other details while handling sales. However, no data will be shared with any other person under any circumstances.

  • More efficiency

Unlike offshore call center, onshore call center does not experience language barriers. Besides, there is also no scope of physical distance for the business that hires them. Therefore, in short, companies will find the onshore call center systems more effective and efficient.

  • Reflects company culture

In this case, the call center agents are often made familiar with the company’s practices, values, and culture. In that way, the agents can better represent a company before the customers. This will also help them to determine what a particular customer wants and offer them the needed support.

  • Communication within department and agents

Here, all the agents work within the same building. So, they will more likely get chances to stay in touch with the company as well as communicate with each other. This will help them to overcome the communication boundaries that may establish with the agent and the department.

  • No hidden costs

Onshore call centers are more transparent. So, there is no chance of a client overlooking the hidden charges. In this way, clients will get to know all the services for which they are paying and decide for themselves. It will significantly help in improving customer satisfaction.

  • The undivided attention of agents

In this type of call center, agents do not have to deal with a variety of clients. They will be making or receiving calls only from the customers of their company. But, in an offshore call center, they will have to deal with clients from different companies. So, their attention might be divided.


It’s been quite some time now that offshore call center services are most sought after by companies who are looking for ways to save money and depend on productivity.

Well, no need to look anywhere else, if you are searching for a reliable offshore call center service provider in India. We are available at your service round the clock and can help you in the best possible way to take your business to great heights. Simply get in touch with us and let us take care of the rest.