How do you edit a video quickly without sacrificing quality?

Do you have a hard time editing wedding videos quickly and making them look good?

These are essential questions to ask in a world where wedding videos have become so popular. Wedding videos are a huge part of the wedding day, offering a lasting memory to help cherish the event.

Wedding video editing tips

Wedding video editing tips & tricks

Wedding video edits can be a very time-consuming process. It often requires a lot of time and patience, but there are shortcuts along the way to make the video post-production process go more smoothly.

So, why not learn how to edit wedding videos more quickly? This way, you can save time and still produce a video that looks good.

In the following sections, we will discuss some of the most effective video editing tips for quick video edits.

  1. Plan Your Editing Project

    Why do you need to plan?

    When it comes to video editing, planning is key. While experienced video editors can plan out projects on the fly, you should take the time to plan out your video editing project and ask yourself a few questions.

    • What video editing tools do you have?
    • What wedding video editing techniques will you use?
    • How long do you want the video to be, and what footage do you have at your disposal?

    Before doing anything, sit down with a piece of paper and answer questions like these. This will give you a video editing plan to work from.

    If you need video editing help, contact us today, and we would be happy to answer your video editing questions and get started on your video edit.

  2. Make a Shot List

    Create a video editing shot list as you plan out your video editing project. This will be essential in video editing for quick video edits that you can produce promptly.

    A video shot list is simply a list of video clips with descriptions of each video clip used in your video edit. This will provide an overview of the raw footage editing you have, how it is being used, and when it is used in the final video production editing.

  3. Three-Point Cut: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

    Have you ever asked yourself how video editors can create attractive video modifications without spending all day on them?

    Most video editors follow a three-point (Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production) video editing approach, often referred to as the “three-point cut.” This makes video editing much easier for video editors.

    Likewise, you can divide wedding video editing into pre-wedding edits, wedding edits, and post-wedding edits.

    In order to make your job easier, it is best that you edit each part of the wedding separately and then combine them into unity. You can label video footage (e.g., pre-ceremony, reception, and wedding) accordingly to help you remember how video footage is being used in your video edit.

  4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Footage

    As you plan and organize your wedding video editing project, make sure to delete extra footage.

    You probably have hours of footage from your wedding video shot but will not use a lot of it in the final wedding video.

    Instead of letting all of your raw footage sit unused on a hard drive, delete the footage that you feel is unnecessary for the final video edit.

  5. Use Editing Shortcuts

    One of the best ways to edit wedding videos quickly is by learning how to use editing shortcuts.

  6. Go over the Complicated Stuff First

    Go over the difficult stuff first when you are done with planning, shot-listing, and deleting extra footage. This means that you should start with the footage that is hard to organize or challenging to edit.

    Using this method, you will not need to spend much time on video editing. On the contrary, you will be able to finish up your editing just about as quickly as possible.

    And if you need even more help to edit your wedding video, call our team today.

    We are here to answer all of your questions and help get started on editing your wedding footage quickly. With a little bit of organization and planning, you will be able to create an attractive, quick edit that highlights the best moments.

  7. Work with a Professional Wedding Video Editor

    Are you still wondering how to edit a wedding video quickly?

    If you are still struggling to edit your wedding video footage, it is probably time to hire a pro.

    • Our video editing outsourcing company have the necessary equipment, skills, and experience to quickly edit wedding videos.
    • Not only can they edit your video footage promptly, but they will also be able to create appealing edits that highlight all of the best moments.

So, go ahead and hire a professional wedding video editing service.


Video editing is a skill, and to know how to edit a wedding video in no time, there are key points you need to be aware of in the process. You need to be organized, clean up your extra footage, cut down on editing time with shortcuts, etc.

When you follow the above-mentioned tips correctly, you will finish editing your wedding video in quick order.

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