Book cover design tips for maximum impact

Creative book cover design ideas
How to design a good book cover

Before getting into the details of book cover design tips, let us see what the basic characteristics in a cover design are that capture the attention of your prospects.

Hundreds of books arrive in the market every day and people are accustomed to different types of designs. So, you should try to add pleasant elements of difference that appears as something unique and special. Make the cover look real as if it is grounded on an actual substance; let it convey the topic instantly and don’t overdo with creativity.  Think of the main and exact purpose of the book, the target readers as well as the genre. Finally, find out as many ways as possible to make it more attractive for ensuring that a reader would prefer your book over others.

Now let us see some of the most effective and proven tips for effective book cover design.

Stay straightforward

This is the very basic principle that you must follow. If you ask a professional indulged in the job-what makes a good book cover design, he would definitely recommend you to stay simple and direct. This will only make the design memorable and comprehensible. People should understand the message without any confusion.

Choose the appropriate typography.

Besides the images and colors you use, typography also matters a lot. The intended mood and message has to be communicated aptly and for the same, selection of typography must be done only after a serious thought process.

Exploit the value of your brand

If you have a regular reader base or fans, make the cover reflect your brand. Scrutinize and find out the ways in which you can add your personal brand propagating elements on the cover page.

Arrange the elements wisely

A book cover has several elements and it is obvious that all are not of equal value. Think of those particular elements that you want to project out from among the rest and make people notice it.  Make optimal mix of words and images that perfectly transport your message to the mind of viewers.

Select images carefully

Pictures are definitely worth a lot of words put together. Hence, using the right image complements the cover design immensely but wrong selection of the cover can do severe damage. It is always advisable to take time and research before you finalize on an image. See to it that the images don’t distract people from your actual message.

There are no rules

As far as a professional book cover design is concerned, there are no mandatory rules to which you must adhere. Staying ordinary demands you to obey some established rules but for that extraordinary spark, go for the roads least traveled and think out of the box.

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