Book cover design: 11 Tips that really works

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Tips for book cover design

It is obvious that the book cover design has to look great and inspire the viewers. Only then, the book is likely to get attention and make its way to the customer’s shelf. There are certain tips by which the design can be made alluring and convincing. Few of them that are applicable in almost all cases are detailed below.

Work around a primary element

At the very first glance itself the cover page should communicate the most crucial information about the book like genre and subject matter etc. Choosing a single image as the main focus can serve this purpose. There can be exceptions and in certain cases collages are ideal. However, the basic conception is that lesser busy covers have more power to capture the attention of prospects.

Choose elements reasonably

If you have made up your mind to go with a single image, every additional element you add should have a specific reasonable purpose. Let it be text, graphics or anything else, it should be inevitable and must convey or complement the message that you are trying to communicate. Never use anything simply for decorative purposes.

Use a strategic background

White backgrounds are last recommended if you want to get buyers also from digital screen. For making the design look attractive, a background has to be chosen that complements your graphics and the main page as a whole. This is imperative to make your face stand out in both the physical and digital market.

Title should be clear, large and readable

People look into the title, once they are impressed with the design; it is the identifying element to connect with the targets. So, make it large and easily readable, no matter whatever the size or resolution of the image is. But the title should not completely dominate the entire page. To assure that it is operative, check the view of proposed page as the thumbnail of concerned retailer.

Use right fonts

Artistic and elegant fonts look great only when seen in full size and the colors are bold. When it reduces to smaller sizes, it may become unreadable or fade in the backdrop. Therefore the one you choose should work perfectly on various screens and sizes. Several websites are there from where you can test and compare fonts before downloading them.

Use colors complementing your story’s theme

Readers can relate with your story in an engaging manner if the theme is adequately reflected through matching colors on the cover. The impact of book cover design is influenced by color psychology which motivates potential readers to subscribe to your offerings intuitively. Deep red, aquamarine hues, or spooky black can suit a thrilling literary masterpiece whereas cool shades perfectly complement relaxed feelings.

Draw attention with contrasting color scheme

If you are running short of color combinations for cover page design ideas, just go for black and white. This classic theme has generated appeal since long and would make your book’s cover linger in the memories of readers for the prolonged period. Image is relegated to the background in a highly contrasting monochromatic arrangement. Cover fonts and book title with meta description would immediately capture the attention of readers.

Publish Review by a Veteran

Just like colour psychology in graphic design, putting the review of popular personality in your niche on the cover can effortlessly grab eyeballs. If the cosmetic elements of the cover have to be sacrificed for this, don’t hesitate. Having a revered person endorse your literary skills is a masterstroke for increasing your book’s sales. The name of revered personality standing out in bold on your cover would make your offering credible, particularly if it is your first attempt.

Put in a subtitle or teaser for a quick glimpse

You may add a relevant subtitle or insightful subtitle to offer readers a quick hint of what to expect inside your book and for building up the anticipation. When you design a book cover in Photoshop, try to include the subtitle intelligently. Readers often hesitate to go through the blurb on book’s back. The teaser would entice them. The font size of teaser needs to be smaller compared to the title for ease of reading. Implementing this important element among proven cover design techniques would definitely increase your readership.

Don’t expose too much

This is among most valued tips on book cover design. Never let the cover tell the whole story of your book. Curiosity of targets should be maintained and the cover should prompt them to explore more and peep into your work. Don’t be literal and keep the image and other elements archetypal. Stay away from using all the colors in the pallet; it always exposes more.

Inspiration helps

Looking for inspiration is not a sin and it’s, in fact, a learning process. Seeking motivation never means copying others ideas. Scrutinizing successful and admired works helps you in understanding the pitfalls of your procedures and philosophies thus helping you to better your works. Browsing web itself would be enough.

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